Matrimonial Ad in Lokmat Newspaper will be your best bet to find your life partner

Lokmat Matrimonial Classified Ads

To walk hand-in-hand with someone for the rest of our life is the dream of every individual. Each one of us aspires for a life-partner who will bring innumerable moments of happiness and joy for us. However, the reality is that happiness is not individual dependent and it is about our state of mind. No person can create happiness for other individual. Hence, we should not have very high hopes from anyone and this is true for the life-partner as well. Marriage is all about sharing and caring. It is not about getting counselled by our partner and trying to put out baggage of frustrations and fears on to out better half. This way marriage will not last long!

However, this is also true that for a successful or rather a balanced married life we need to marry someone with whom we are compatible (if not absolutely then may be to a certain degree). Hence, the first and foremost thing to do is to find someone who can walk with us in the journey of life and handle all the ups and downs with strength and sensibility.


Now this sounds quite difficult! It doesn’t only sound difficult but it is indeed a daunting task to find someone who is mature enough to share the responsibilities during the course of life. To make this mind-boggling task easier here is a tip for you; publish a newspaper matrimonial notice that will help you connect with prospective matches. You will be able to meet people who will suit your preferences. Plus, mostly the match-seekers will be genuine (unlike matrimonial websites where a lot of fake profiles are also spamming the pool of genuine ones).

To further simplify your search we suggest you to go for a newspaper that is popular and read by many people so that you can get the best response that you desire. One such news broadsheet is Lokmat. It is a vernacular paper published in Marathi language.

A lot of people publish Lokmat Newspaper Classified Ads under various categories and get the best reader response. Similarly, matrimonial ad in Lokmat Newspaper can take your notice to a large population pool. This way you will be able to find and shortlist profiles that suit you from the innumerable match-seekers.

Draft your matrimonial notice in such a way so that maximum people get attracted towards it. For this, you can consider taking reference from the sample posts that are available online. They will provide you better guidelines to create your notice.

So, without thinking twice place your matrimonial advert in Lokmat newspaper. It will be your best bet to find your life-partner.

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Matrimonial Ad in Hindustan Hindi Newspaper will certainly help you connect with your soul mate

hh newspaper ads

So, finally you have decided to get married? All set to find your life-partner? If you nod along these questions then do not wait any more and simply publish a matrimonial ad in newspaper. It is one of the best ways for partner search. News journals have been helping people find their soul-mate for years now. They provide ad space for matrimonial notices and people get connected with like-minded families with such adverts.

Newspaper classified ads can be booked with the help of online mode. All you need to do is visit the website and fill in the required details about your advert, select the ad package and make online payment over a secured payment gateway. You can choose any of the formats for your matrimonial notice viz. classified text ads or classified display adverts. Display ad format is usually not used for matrimonial notices because it is for commercial advertising. However, the second one i.e. classified display adverts have the potential to provide good reader response as they use coloured text and bigger font size so as to highlight the text and entice the readers.


To know more about the format of a matrimonial notice you can look up for the sample posts that are available online. Such sample notices are best guide to help you draft your advert. They provide a blue-print with the help of which you can create your matrimonial notice on similar guidelines. You can give your preferences about your life-partner in the notice and other details viz. family details, professional qualifications, horoscope details, etc.

You can choose any newspaper of your choice to publish your ad post. To make your job easier here is a suggestion; if you are looking for a Hindi news journal then publish your notice in Hindustan Hindi paper that is one of the most sought after news broadsheets. Hindustan Hindi Newspaper classified ads provide good access to a large population pool and ad seekers can expect above average reader response.

Matrimonial ad in Hindustan Hindi newspaper provides access to the large segment of population from a particular region or area. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is your target audience i.e. people whom you want to target or the individuals whom you want to show your notice. For this purpose you need to choose the edition of the newspaper intelligently so as to send across your notice to the right segment of people.

Pull up your socks and publish your matrimonial notice in Hindustan Hindi so as to get the best results.

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Business Ad in Hindustan Times can help promote your business in a better way


Businesses are flourishing day and night. There are small-scaled or large scaled businesses both in service industry as well as product industry that are catering to the vast population from different demographics as well as segments. There is a market for every product and service and there are many companies that target niche segments for instance luxury items are meant for those who have purchasing power for the same. On the other hand, there are many companies that create products and services that suit the middle-class and the lower stratum of the population.

Such companies promote themselves via newspapers as well as other media. One of the popular newspapers is Hindustan Times that is an English language national daily.


Business ad in Hindustan Times can help your business get a boost as it promotes your offerings to a large population pool. It doesn’t let you down!

It is not just the case with business adverts but other ad posts as well provide good reader response. You can book ad posts for any place for instance Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Faizabad, Bareilley, Allahabad, Varanasi, etc.

To book Hindustan Times Delhi Classified Ads you can take the help of online ad booking mode. It will provide you a hassle-free way of making advert reservations with just a finger-click. You will be able to make your bookings at any time that is convenient to you as the facility is available 24 x 7. Plus, you will also become eligible for discounts and rebates that are exclusively for online bookings.

Business adverts in newspapers are an economical way of reaching out to your target audience. It has low cost per reach when compared with other channels. Hence, people who have a modest budget will find it better to promote via newspapers than any other medium. There are various advert packages that one can choose from. Usually to get better results it is advisable that you go for repeated publication of the ad post. Publishing a notice again and again creates an impression on the minds of the readers and the chances of them acting on the advert increase.

You can choose from the three advert formats viz. classified text ad, classified display ads and display ad posts to publish your notice. If you can spend more then go for display adverts that are exclusively for commercial advertising. They will help you get the best reader response that you are looking for.

So, go ahead and book your ad in Hindustan Times and give your business a boost!

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Book The Indian Express newspaper ads via online mode and ensure a hassle-free process

The Indian Express Name Change Advertisement

Name change process is not at all difficult or cumbersome as thought by many people. It just requires a name change seeker to follow three major steps; to produce an affidavit, publish a newspaper advert and lastly get a gazette notification published for the same.

When we talk about the second step i.e. a newspaper name change notice we find that it is a mandatory step that one cannot avoid and proceed. It is because a person will not be able move further in this regard if she/he doesn’t get a name change notice published in a news journal. All the newspapers provide advert space for such posts and hence one can easily get a name change notice published without any hassle. One can choose from national dailies, regional news journals, community or local papers, etc.

The Indian Express Name Change Ads

Newspapers provide good reader response to all its advertisers. People who take the help of news journals for advertising and promotion can rest assured that they will get good response. One of the popular newspapers is The Indian Express, which is an English language national daily catering to the needs of educated middle class all across the country. The aforesaid segment of the population prefers this prestigious news broadsheet over others for their daily news dose.

The Indian Express newspaper ads for name change are an enough legal proof that a person is seeking to take a new identity. Usually one is not required to publish the notice again and again because it is not an advert to market or promote something. Hence, publishing such posts just once would be sufficient.

An ad seeker can make bookings for name change ad in The Indian Express via online ad booking mode. It will save time as well as make an advert seeker eligible for discounts and rebates that are exclusive for online bookings. For online bookings all you need to do is hop on the website and fill in the details viz. advert category (for instance name change in this case), newspaper that you want to choose i.e. The Indian Express in this case, further select the format in which you want to publish your ad i.e. classified text ad, classified display adverts and display advertisement. Post filling the aforesaid information you can proceed to make online payment over a secured payment gateway via NEFT, Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card, etc.

So, without thinking any further, you can go ahead and book newspaper name change adverts in The Indian Express.

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Rajasthan Patrika Public Notice Ads; To run a better advert campaign

Rajasthan Patrika Public Notice Ads

Public Notices are meant to make announcements to the common people about an organization be it Public or Private. These are written in formal language and provide information that is to be spread amongst the masses (as already mentioned). Public notices are usually published in news journals so as to increase the reach of such ad posts. This is because newspapers have wide audience reach and they are read by many people all across the country. There are a variety of news journals viz. national daily, regional papers, vernaculars, etc. that one can choose from.

Rajasthan Patrika is one such news journal that is a regional paper and is popular in the state of Rajasthan. It is a Hindi language news journal that has a wide reader base not just in Rajasthan but in other Hindi speaking regions as well. People seek ad space of this prestigious news journal to publish notices under various categories viz. matrimonial, property, lost and found, recruitment, etc. One such popular category that witnesses a lot of ad request is Public Notices. Individuals publish Public notice advertisement in Rajasthan Patrika to spread an important information in the state of Rajasthan.  

Public Notices

Rajasthan Patrika Public notice ads can be booked both by offline or online mode of ad reservation. However, it is always better to choose the method that is more efficient and less time consuming and that is none other than the online mode. It provides a better way of reserving the advert slot and offers a greater flexibility of times. It means that an ad seeker can book their Public Notice ad at any time that is suitable to them as the booking facility is available 24 x 7 in case of online ad bookings.

When we talk about newspaper classified ads; usually there are three ad formats that individuals can choose from to publish their notice. These three formats are classified text adverts, classified display ad posts and display adverts. The first two are budget and pocket friendly whereas the third one i.e. the display adverts are the costlier notices. It is because display ads are full-page, half-page or quarter-page notices that use high-quality and contrast images and graphics, bigger and colourful font to highlight the text and many more advanced features that can be incorporated in a newspaper advert. Such notices are meant to attract the readers thereby increasing the response rate and providing better reader response.

So, if you also want to publish a Public Notice to not shy away from placing the same in Rajasthan Patrika. Also, choose your advert format correctly to get the desired result for your ad campaign.

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Matrimonial Ad in Dinamalar; To find your life-partner ASAP

Dinamalar Matrimonial Ads

Why are you waiting for your love of life? Why is everyone else getting married and you are still amongst those who are involved in partner search? Well these questions might cross your mind time and again but here you need to understand a reality of life that it is not important to get married first or later in life but what actually matters is the quality of your relationship after marriage. Settling into an unhealthy, unsatisfying and unhappy marriage does no good to you even if you marry at the most suitable age as defined by our society! It only adds to your frustration and disbelief in the institution of marriage. Hence, one should not look for the time it takes to find a life-partner but should always focus on the kind of relationship you want once you settle down. Compatibility is everything when we talk about the matrimonial bond!

Dinamalar Matrimonial Classified Ads

So, now that you have understood what sort of relationship you should have post getting hitched it is also important to understand the ways you can go about the partner search. Now that might render you perplexed! However, it is extremely important to direct your search in the correct direction so as to get the best result of your partner hunt. Though, there are a lot of ways by which you can find your life-partner viz. marriage bureaus, matrimonial websites, etc. but amongst them is a conventional channel that has been helping people for decades. There are a lot of couples who have successfully tied the knot in the past and their alliance was made by a newspaper matrimonial ad post.

National dailies, regional newspapers, vernaculars, etc. all provide ad space for such notices. People publish matrimonial ad posts majorly in two formats of the three and they are classified text ads (the basic Black and White adverts) and the classified display ads (the ones that use coloured font that is a bit bigger in size than the former one to attract the reader attention). The third category of ad posts i.e. the Display ads are usually used for commercial advertising and are seldom used for matrimonial alliance.

When we talk about vernaculars one name that comes to mind is Dinamalar. It is a Tamil newspaper that is quite popular in the state of Tamil Nadu and people seek advert space of this news journal for their advertising needs. Dinamalar newspaper classified ads are best to reach out to the people of the state. Further, matrimonial ad in Dinamalar can help you connect with the match-seekers from the state of Tamil Nadu.

So, without further ado book your matrimonial notice in Dinamalar and you never know that you might just get lucky.

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Book Jansatta Name Change Advertisement online for hassle-free bookings

Jansatta Name Change AdvertisementIf you want to change your name and aren’t able to decide on a newspaper wherein you can publish the notice for the same then without thinking much publish your advert in Jansatta newspaper. It is one of the renowned Hindi language newspapers that provide good reader response. It is so because the news journal is widely read in regions where Hindi is predominantly spoken. Hence, people from such areas do not miss a chance to place adverts in this paper. It is not only the case with just name change adverts but posts under various other categories as well.

Name change notices are like Public notices that are meant to make public announcements about someones name change move. It is a mandatory step in name change process to publish a newspaper ad post in order to get name changed. A name change seeker mandatorily has to publish a notice in the newspaper so as to change their name.

Name Change Ads for Jansatta

Once the process of name change with all the three steps is complete an individual can further get their name changed on other essential documents viz. passport, driving license, PAN Card, etc. The newspaper name change notice is like a legal proof that an individual has taken on a new identity.

It is advisable that people publish adverts for name change in at least two newspapers; one can be a national daily and the other one can be a regional news journal or the paper published in the local language. Jansatta name change advertisement will be best if you want to go for a Hindi newspaper.  Further, it is also advisable that all name change seekers should keep a couple of original copies of the newspaper name change notice with them for future reference as well.

Change of name ads in Jansatta or in any other newspaper for that matter can be booked easily by online ad reservation method. It will save your time and you will not be required to run a marathon to the newspaper office for this purpose. Your ad bookings will get completed within minutes if you go via the viral route. Also, you will become eligible for online discounts and rebates.

You can check the advert samples that are available online to know the format of name change notices. For more details you can hop on the website or call the customer care team of the service provider.

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