Make Public Notice Newspaper Ad booking for Patna in Dainik Jagran

Dainik Jagran Public Notice Advertisement

You might be considering classified text ads for most of your advertising needs. Give a shot to classified display ad posts this time and you surely will not get disappointed. Do not under-estimate the power of a classified display ad when it comes to attracting the readers and generating amazing response from them.

When the next time you think of publishing a Public Notice, get the same published in a classified display advert format and see the wonders happening yourself! Public Notice classified display ads can be published in any news journal of your choice but if you go for a popular newspaper that has wide readership then you will be able to get good response that every advert seeker aspires for!


One such renowned newspapers is Dainik Jagran that is read by many people. It is particularly popular in Northern Parts of the country where Hindi is predominantly spoken. Say for instance you want to publish a Public Notice in Patna then do not forget to publish the same in Dainik Jagran.

One thing is noteworthy here that Dainik Jagran Ads for Patna might be a bit costly for you as the newspaper is quite well known. Hence, it is advisable that you take the help of a newspaper ad agency to get the ad space or else you will end up paying more. On the other hand, a newspaper ad agency will help you get the advert space at a much lesser price than otherwise. It is so because they negotiate the price with the newspaper company and hence offer rebates to their customers.


Now coming to the booking process, it would be advisable that you do not waste your time in going to the newspaper office with your advert request. Instead hop on the website and make your advert reservations online within a few minutes. This can be done at anytime and from anywhere. so you need not worry, as the booking facility is open 24 x 7. So, make Dainik Jagran Public Notice Newspaper Ad booking for Patna via online mode.

To know about the format of a Public Notice go and check the online advert samples that will help you in drafting your notice. Such posts provide a kind of blueprint for you to create your advert. Public Notices are formally written to make Public announcements hence you must take care of the language of such posts whether written in English or Hindi or in any other regional language; the tone should be a formal one for a Public Notice.

So, go and book a Public Notice advert in Dainik Jagran and make announcements.

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Navbharat Times Newspaper Ads; To promote your educational institute

Navbharat Times Education Ads

Advertise and promote your educational institute via Education Ad in Navbharat Times. It is a newspaper that needs no introduction. Every person is well aware of this renowned Hindi news broadsheet that is best-liked by many people. It is particularly widely read in the regions where people speaking in Hindi reside.

One can find this news journal on street hawkers who sell news journals, book stores on bus stands, railway stations, etc. So you can yourself imagine the craze for this paper amongst the masses. Consequently, it will be an intelligent decision to take the help of this news journal for advertising and promotional needs. If you will promote your services through this paper then certainly many people will read it. Hence, your post will get wide access to a large population pool. It is the case with all categories of Navbharat Times Newspaper Ads and not just the education adverts that they get good reader response.

NBT Education Ads

As already mentioned that the newspaper is popular in Hindi speaking regions therefore for example if you want to promote your services in Lucknow then the best way to do it is by making Navbharat Times Ad Booking for Lucknow. The news journal will give help spread your notice across the entire city of Nawabs!

However, you need to keep one thing in mind that if you approach the news journal directly then you will certainly end up paying more to the newspaper company for an ad space. On the other hand, if you take the help of a mediator i.e. a newspaper classified ad agency then it will be beneficial for you. The latter will negotiate the price of the ad space with the newspaper and grab the best deal for you.

To save your time you can make ad reservations via online mode which is a hassle-free way of making advert reservations. You just have to fill the online form and make online payment over a secured payment gateway via Net Banking, NEFT, Credit or Debit Card, etc.

It is extremely important to promote your educational services otherwise you will not be able to target your potential students. The learners will not be able to know about your offerings and hence they will end going to your competitors for availing educational services. So, it will be your loss and your competitor’s gain! To avoid such a situation go and book Navbharat Times education advert now.

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Hindustan Times Vehicle Classified Display Ads will help you sell off your vehicle soon


Want to sell off your car? Aren’t able to find buyers for the same? Here is a solution to your problem! Simply book Hindustan Times Vehicle Classified Display Ads, and your problem will be sorted. Such notices have always been helpful in connecting buyers and sellers. For many years people have been publishing automobile advertisement in news journals whenever they want to sell off their used vehicles.

Hindustan Times newspaper ad booking for Delhi or for any other advert can be done via online mode. It is not just the vehicle adverts that you can book but other category of ad posts as well. Just fill in the form and make online payment over a secured payment gateway to make your ad reservations.

vehicle ads in newspaper

Coming back to vehicle adverts in newspapers you can publish such posts either in classified text ad format or classified display advert format. The third i.e. display ad format is seldom used for this purpose. The third category of ad posts are mostly used for commercial advertising and hence they are mostly used to announce sale or to develop brand image.

To draft a vehicle advert keep certain things in mind and they are:

  • Provide information about the condition of your vehicle which is the first and foremost thing to do as no person would be interested in your notice if you will not mention about the condition of the vehicle
  • Secondly, mention about the year of the model
  • Then mention about the model of the vehicle as many vehicles keep upgrading their models
  • The ownership whether you are the first owner or you also purchased the vehicle from someone
  • The number of kilometers it is driven
  • Your contact number if you want people to connect with you. Here it is advisable that you provide your mobile or landline number and not e-mail id so that people do not have to wait for your response and can connect with you instantly.
  • Last but not the least the photograph of the vehicle so that people can have a fair idea about what they are about to purchase. Obviously, they will have a look at the vehicle in person but for generating their interest in your notice it is advisable that you insert a photograph of the vehicle as well.

(NOTE: There might be some more information that might be missed in the above points. Hence, it is advisable that you look for the online advert sample posts for vehicle adverts to take guidance from such notices.)

So, go and book your vehicle advert in Hindustan Times and get ready to sell off your vehicle at a good price.

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Education Ad in Newspaper is best to promote your educational services

Education Times Ads

These days almost every educational institute promotes self via one medium or the other. It is because there are so many of them that are in competition that universities and colleges are in a rat race to prove themselves better than the others. However, only making tall claims will not serve the purpose and one needs to actually provide quality services in order to make place in the hearts of the students and their parents in particular as it is them who have to shell out money for their ward’s higher education.

You might have come across half-page or full-page adverts in news chronicles with a photograph of a University or an institution with details like courses offered, world-class infrastructure, etc. mentioned. Such adverts are nothing but education ad in newspaper. These posts are meant to attract the readers. Half-page, full-page or quarter-page adverts are display ad posts that are costliest of all ad types. These are meant for creating a brand image in the minds of the prospective customers. Hence, are best suited to promote varsities and educational institutions.


Education Times Advertisement need not just be published in a display advert format but they can also be published as classified display ad posts. The latter are less costly than the display notices but are still capable of attracting the readers. These posts are informative only with seldom having any graphics or images.

Newspaper ad booking in Delhi can be done by online mode as it is a convenient way of booking the advert slot. It provides a hassle-free way of reserving the ad slot. One can also become eligible for online discounts and rebates on their bookings. The online advert booking service providers offer huge discounts on advert bookings via online mode.


Universities and colleges can easily look up for the various news journals and choose the one that can provide their notice a lot of readership. It means the news chronicle that has the potential to take the notice far and wide to the farthest corner of the country. Also they should choose the local edition of the national daily or a community or regional paper in order to tap the local crowd of an area where their college or institution is situated. This way they will get the desired response that they are looking for.

So in order to promote your services go for newspaper advertising and promotion.

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Dainik Jagran Property Classified Ads will help you grab the best property

Dainik Jagran Property Ads

To find the best property in the town do not wander here and there and simply publish a property advertisement. It will help you search for the best available options in terms of both commercial as well as residential property. One can provide the details of their offerings if they are about to sell off their property or can also look out for such adverts that provide the best deals.

Individuals usually publish property ad posts in news journals so as to increase the reach of the post. They do so because newspapers reach every corner of the country and hence provide the notice a vast readership. Plus, local or community papers or the local editions of the news chronicles provide access to niche segment of the population thereby giving a filtered readership. It is necessary so as to target a specific segment or to find the best property deal from a given area.

Jagran Property Ads

One such newspaper that has always been the top choice of the newspaper advertisers is Dainik Jagran. It is a Hindi language news journal that is published on a daily basis. It caters to a vast audience pool. It will help an advertiser target the correct segment of population and hence one can get good reader response. In order to publish Dainik Jagran property classified ads one needs to choose the correct edition of the paper i.e. as to which city you want to target. Plus, you need to choose the correct format for your newspaper advert. There are basically three kinds of ad posts i.e. classified ad posts, classified display ads and display ads.

If one wants heavy traffic (or readership) for their post then they must choose display ad posts that are half-page, quarter-page and display ads. The only downside of such posts is that they are costliest of all types. They use graphics and images in order to attract reader attention and thereby provide good reader response. People who do not want to spend so much can go for a less costly ad type i.e. classified display ads that use coloured font to highlight the text. People who want an absolute pocket friendly adverts type can easily go for the basic adverts type i.e. classified text ads.

Newspaper ad booking online is the easiest way of making ad reservations that will save time. Hence, you can make your Dainik Jagran ad bookings online in order to have quick and hassle-free process.

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Times of India Ad Booking for Ghaziabad can now be done online

Times of India Ghaziabad Classified Ads

We cannot imagine our life without newspapers. Do you find this as a tall claim! However, if you ponder over this then you will notice that it is a reality. Newspapers are a great source of news, ideas, opinions, comments, reviews and explanations covering a wide range of social, economic, political, cultural, educational, moral, legal etc. fields. Of all the media, news journals are considered as one of the effective platforms for advertising. They continue to remain the most powerful messenger and advertising platform.

Amongst the benefits of newspaper advertising is cost-effectiveness. It means that the ad space in newspapers is less costly than the ad slots in other media. Every ad seeker will get something or the other in their budget. All they need to do is choose the ad type intelligently and as per their ad requirements. They also need to focus on the content of the posts so that people get attracted towards your post. Hence, the content should be enticing enough to engage the readers. Also, one can also go for classified display ad posts that use coloured font and bold text. Or they can go for display ad posts that are full-page, half-page or quarter-page notices. However, the latter i.e. display ad posts are costliest of all ad types and therefore are preferred for commercial advertising. They help in brand image creation and announcing sale, etc.

Times of India Newspaper Ads

If we talk about newspapers to choose then The Times of India is the best news journal to place a notice. It is best-liked paper in Delhi and surrounding areas and hence people from Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Meerut, Gurgaon, etc. choose this news journal not just to know about the latest happenings but to advertise and promote as well.

In case you are planning to go for newspaper advertising in Ghaziabad you can easily choose this news journal. So now you might want to know the best way to go about the booking process. If you want to make Times of India Ad Booking for Ghaziabad then go for online mode. It is one of the best ways to make the ad reservations within no time. It provides a hassle-free way of reserving the ad slots. You can choose the category of ad posts and make online payment over a secured payment gateway via NEFT, Net Banking, Credit card, Debit card, etc.

So, go ahead and book your ad slot today itself.

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Times of India Ad Booking for Gurgaon is best done online

TOI Gurgaon Classified Ads

The benefits of print advertising are immense. One can place adverts at a low budget as well as go for costly adverts. It all depends on the needs and requirements of the individual as to which format of advert they will choose and for which category of ad posts. Plus, the selection of the news journal will also depend upon the popularity of the newspaper. The news journals that are popular will have costly advert space so people having a humble budget will find it convenient to go for either lower cost advert types or less popular paper.

With ad type we mean the physical appearance of the post i.e. whether the notice is Black & White or coloured, the size of the ad post i.e. in terms of the content and number of lines. Also, one another important thing to be noted is the day of the week that an advert seeker would like the ad to run. Also, the duration for which the ad seeker would like the ad to run is also a deciding factor. Then again the position where they want to place the notice in i.e. Prime positions, such as the front page of the paper or the section that is most relevant to the advert. However, prime location will cost more. As already mentioned, a nationally distributed newspaper will have much higher advertising rates than a local or small town printed news journal.

Times of India Newspaper Ads

Example of such news journal is The Times of India. It is a national daily with PAN India coverage and caters to the news requirements of a large population. It is one of the renowned news journals that is best liked by people of Delhi and NCR. Hence, if anyone wishes to place a newspaper ad in Guragon for instance they can easily bank upon this paper. It will help in advertising and promotion in Gurgaon city and people will get good response for every category.

Times of India ad booking for Gurgaon can be done in minutes with the help of online ad booking method. It will be the best option to go for newspaper advertising in Gurgaon.

So, without thinking any further go for newspaper adverts in the Times of India that will help you get the best reader response possible. The news journal is capable of providing access to a vast audience and it helps in spreading the notice far and wide.

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