The Times of India Tender Notice Advertisement can be booked through online mode

The Times of India Tender Notice Ads

Tender notices are published to call in suitable companies to bid in a particular project. Such notices are official ones that are circulated in Public so that interested companies can offer their quote. Tenders are usually published by Public sector undertakings and government sector companies. Newspapers are the first choice to publish such notices. Printed adverts take the message to a lot of people as almost every news journal has a large readership. Whether it is a national daily or a regional paper, every newspaper has the potential to provide good reader response. It is also one of the facts that newspapers have low cost per reach and hence companies and organisations prefer this mode of advertising and promotion suitable than any other channel.

Tender Notice ad in newspaper can be published in any paper. However, if you are getting confused as to which newspaper should you choose, then do not think much and simply publish the advert in The Times of India. It is a national daily with vast readership and is published at PAN India level thereby having the capability to take your message to a large audience pool.

TOI Tender Notice Advertisement

To book The Times of India Tender Notice Advertisement you need not go here and there. Simply, hop on the website and make your bookings instantly via online mode. You just need to provide the details viz. advert category (Tender Notice in this case), the newspaper of your choice, date of publication, advert format type i.e. classified text ad, classified display ad or a display advert, etc. Further, make online payment over a secured payment gateway via Net Banking, Credit or Debit Card, etc. Such a method of online ad reservations is convenient and you will be saved from the marathon to the nearby newspaper office. Plus, you will be able to avail the discounts and rebates that are offered by the service provider and are exclusive for online bookings only.

To know the format of Tender notices you can check the website for online sample posts or else you can also take reference from the already published newspaper adverts for Tenders. Such posts will help you draft your advert copy easily without any hassle and you will get a blue-print to draft your notice.

So, go ahead and book your Tender Notice online to save your precious time and avail great discounts on your bookings.

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The Times of India Property Classified Ads will help you choose the best property


Property advert in newspapers are the most common type of notices. They are published by both property seekers as well as sellers. It is a great platform for buyers and sellers to connect with each other. One can mention in detail about their property that they want to dispose off and get the best offers from buyers. Such a great response is possible only by newspaper ad posts that take your message to a large population pool as there are a lot of people who read newspapers.

Despite the arrival of internet technology there are many people who browse through the columns of newspapers to get their daily dose of news. It is particularly the case in the tier two and three cities where a large section of the population heavily relies on newspapers. Consequently, people prefer newspaper advertising over any other mode of advertising. Property ad in newspaper is thus quite fruitful in such areas.

One of the renowned newspapers is The Times of India that is read by people all across the country. Hence, it is one of the popular national dailies that offer good response for all adverts. The Times of India Property classified ads are best way to spread your notice to a large population. Hence, you will have more choices as you will get amazing response.


To make your bookings you do not have to run here and there. Just pull a chair, sit comfortably and hop on the website! Everything can be taken care of with just a few finger clicks! You can make your advert reservations online and make your payments over a secured payment gateway via Net Banking, Credit or Debit card, etc. It is one of the convenient as well as fastest ways of ad bookings. You can choose the advert package that suits your budget or else get in touch with the customer care team and get a tailored or customized ad package as per your requirement.

The property ad posts usually contain all the information about the property whether residential or commercial. They give every possible detail viz. the area per square feet, location, basic amenities, infrastructure, etc. as well as some people also provide the photograph of the property that is in question. Hence, we can consider such posts quite exhaustive and informative.

If you are also looking forward to publish such notices then check the format online (i.e. refer the online ad samples that are available) or take the help of customer relationship team of the web service provider.

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Times of India Obituary Ads for Delhi to circulate the unfortunate news


Departure and arrival of individuals in this world is the law of nature. It is believed by many that a soul never dies and it just takes a new form, a new body. All the memories remain intact in the soul even if it leaves a body and goes towards its heavenly abode. However, it is not easy for a common man to accept this fact and calm down after the death of their loved one. It is not at all a cakewalk to continue living in the same way as they used to when their loved one was amongst them. It takes a high level of spiritual awakening and understanding to accept this bitter truth of life. It is due to the attachment with one bygone that people weep and wail in agony and are just not ready to accept the fact that their loved one is no more with them!


However, the well wishers of the survivors can play a major role here and help the latter come out of the trauma. It is their love and affection that can pull the surviving family out of the sea of suffering. Though, it will be a gradual process and the survivors will not just start feeling better by seeing so many people around them but they will slowly come out of the traumatic times and try to move ahead in life.

One of the best ways in which the acquaintances can help the survivors is by spreading the unfortunate news in their circle. It is because this task will be very challenging as well as pain inflicting for the survivors and they will be reminded of their loss again and again. However, if someone in their circle would take the responsibility and circulate the news the survivors will be less traumatised. For this purpose they can publish Times of India Obituary Ads for Delhi (or for any other city where they reside).


To book Times of India Delhi obituaries you can take the online route instead of the conventional one. Online bookings will save your time. Such posts are published on an urgent basis hence going all the way to the newspaper office with your advert request will take a lot of your precious time! So, it is better that you choose the best alternative of online ad reservation method. With this mode of ad booking you will be able to get the advert space while sitting in the comfort of your home or office.

To know more about the obituary notices take reference from the ad samples available online that will provide you guidelines to draft your ad copy.

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Amar Ujala Name Change Ads

Getting name change has become a really easy task these days. You do not have to run here and there to get rechristened. Though, there are many steps involved in this process but if you proceed in a systematic manner, you will not find it difficult to get on a new identity. Whether you are a student who wants to change your name on your passing certificates and mark sheets or a lady who has recently got hitched and want to add your husband’s surname to your name the name change process is a streamlined one for all who wish to make modifications to their current name or change it completely!

One of the most integral and vital steps in this process is to publish a newspaper advert for the same. It is a mandatory step that you just cannot skip and move forward as you will be required to produce the newspaper clipping at various stages as a proof of the name change act.


It is a question that crops up in the minds of many while they head towards changing their original name. Though, you can get assistance from the client relationship executive of the newspaper company who will guide you in this regard but you can read the following information to understand better as to what will be required from your end. So, talking about newspaper name change advert; you will be required to provide the following details i.e. your current or original name, your current residential address, new name that you wish to take on, reason to change the name, etc.

Now, you might think as to which news journal is the best for publishing a name change ad in newspaper. It is always better to publish such ad posts in at least two newspapers i.e. one a national daily and the second a regional or local paper or a vernacular. If you want to publish name change ad in a Hindi paper then Amar Ujala will be one of the best options. It is national daily published in national language i.e. Hindi and has 19 different editions that are circulated in several states of the country. The paper will be helpful in spreading your message of changing your name to the people living in far-flung areas as well.

To publish Amar Ujala Name Change Advertisement, either directly connect with the newspaper or get in touch with a newspaper classified ad agency. The first method will cost you more as owing to the popularity of the paper the ad space of this news broadsheet is costly. However, if you approach the national daily via mediating agency the price you will pay for advert will be much lesser when compared with the former.

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Obituary posts are meant to announce the sad demise of a loved one. It often becomes painful to announce the death of someone close to each and every individual in the immediate circle. Consequently, people take the help of obituary notices so that they can inform the public at large about the unfortunate incident. Such a move saves them from facing the infinite agony and grief while informing everyone personally. Such adverts provide a bit solace to the survivors and the immediate family of the deceased as they can spread the sad information with just one post.


Though there are a lot of websites that have come up these days to inform about the death of a loved one, but people still prefer newspapers for such messages. The printed ad in news broadsheets is the conventional method by which death notices are circulated. Previously, people use to publish such adverts in a national daily that had PAN India circulation as well as in a regional paper that had local reach. Such a step is wise as the local people or relatives will get to know about the death via local newspaper, as it is very likely that they might miss such messages in a national daily. Also, people usually prefer a local newspaper or a vernacular to know about the local news about their area. Hence, it is advisable to publish such adverts in a regional paper as well.



If we talk about a national daily, Hindustan Times is one of the best papers that you can consider for a wider reach as it has a broad reader base across the country. Hindustan Times Obituary Classified Advertisement is the best method to tell people in your circle that a loved one has passed away in recent times. All of them will connect with you during heart-rending times and will pour in their sympathies.

Hindustan Times Obituary Classified Ads

So, reduce your pain by placing Obituary Ad in Newspaper HT and commemorate the departed soul. Tell the world about the one who has said adieu to this world forever!

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Lost and Found Ads in Newspaper

So you lost a bag full of your essential documents while getting down from a crowded metro? Do not panic and immediately inform about your loss via lost and found ad in any leading newspaper. It is a common phenomenon of everyday life that people lose their precious belongings amidst the fast paced life and the daily hustle-bustle. It is not uncommon to find a lot of such ad postings in all the news broadsheets whether a national daily, a regional paper or a vernacular. People have been taking the help of news journals to inform masses about their missing articles.

Lost Found Advertisement


Newspapers undoubtedly have a mass readership as well as circulation. They reach the remote corners of the country where technology has not been able to penetrate. Particularly, in the rural belt where internet mania has not replaced the printed chronicles, people still rely on newspapers for daily dose of news and current affairs. Hence, it is very likely that a newspaper ad post will reach the public faster than any other media and thus will be able to generate a better reader response.

There is another noteworthy point here that since newspapers are easily accessible and are convenient to carry therefore people from conventional generation prefer news spreadsheets over viral news (despite the arrival of smartphone technology). Thus, it can be rightly concluded that to have a maximum post reach and connect with maximum people newspaper ads are the best medium.


Coming back to the lost and found ads, since you have to make an announcement to as many people as you can about your lost precious belonging, then what else can be better than a newspaper advert!

So, now you know the benefit of a classified ad. However, here comes another daunting task i.e. of selecting the best paper for this purpose. It is advisable to go for a news chronicle that is popular with deeper penetration. The Times of India is one name that you can bet on easily without worrying. Lost and Found Ad in Newspaper TOI, will help you get back your lost item easily due to the popularity of this paper.

It is an English language national daily that is read by the entire educated middle-class of the country. From children to the older generation, there is seldom anyone who hasn’t laid their hands on this paper.

Hence, publish The Times of India Lost and Found Classified Ads if you want a quicker response to your ad.

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Your Property Search Now Comes to an end; Book Your Dream Home Today via Times of India Ad

Times of India Property Classified Ads

Are you thinking of buying a house? Is it that you often find difficult to search for a suitable property as per your requirement? Have you tried everything and still remained unsuccessful in this regard? If yes is your answer then try newspaper ads this time! An advert in a printed journal is quite successful in creating the desired reader response because such ad postings are read by all the people across generations. People who are less tech-savvy find it easier to browse through a printed news supplement rather than spending time on the internet for various searches. Another important reason that makes newspapers stand tall in the world of advertising is that they have a deeper penetration and thus reach a wider audience.

Property Advertisement Booking

The Times of India property classified ads give you a great way to reach the right property in your locality or nearby areas. The news chronicle is a leading English national daily that reaches every corner of the country and is loved by one and all. The newspaper offers ad space under various categories viz. Matrimonial, Lost and Found, Astrology, Property, etc. Apart from the aforesaid categories, it comes with an exclusive property supplement that gives all the necessary details about the flats, villas, circle rates, etc. of a particular area. Also, there are lot of write-ups drawing comparison of various properties from different areas.

Times-PropertyUsually, advertisement in Times of India is a costly affair. If you will approach the national daily directly, it will cost you more as the ad space is costly. It is due to the fact that the news broadsheet is popular and a lot of people advertise via the column of this paper. Unlike online ads where the reader response gets diluted amongst the pool of many adverts under the same category, newspaper ads get better results as they are able to reach the target audience easily. They work well even in the niche segment of ads.

Hence, to find a suitable property it is always advisable to publish a printed ad instead of getting lost in the online ads.