Book Matrimonial Ad in Indian Newspaper Instant Online

Groom and Bride

Book Matrimonial ads to find bride or groom easily via Myadvtcorner. There are many ways in which a match is found for the young man or woman, if they have not done so themselves. One of the most common is placing a classified ad in the newspapers. In the old days, this required those concerned, usually the parents, to go to a newspaper office or its agent and discussions before finalizing an advertisement which is both satisfactory and economical.

Today, this effort has been eliminated because the entire process can be conveniently settled in the comfort of one’s home or office by simply going online. In this regard by going to you have to just take a few easy, self-evident steps as follows:

      Click the MATRIMONIAL icon


      Select the package according to the newspaper of your choice in the comprehensive list provided


      Click Continue


      Compose your advertisement in the block provided


      Select the Category and Subheading in the space provided


      Select the discount offer (in case you wish to repeat the ad in HT or TOI only)


      Select the colour (under the date pad), otherwise it will be a black and white ad


      Select the date by punching the date pad


      Check the Update Cart


      Click Continue


    Click Confirm and Pay

On receipt and crediting of your payment in time, your ad will be released in the publication of your choice. is the most convenient platform for your online booking needs in newspapers all over India. It also gives you instant access to cutting-edge facilities for creating impactful display advertisements, when necessary.


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