Certain Mistakes Which Should Be Avoided While Booking an Ad Online


Often advertisers, who are not aware of the entire process of getting their ads published in Newspapers, make certain common but avoidable mistakes. A person who tries to book ad online for the first time will commit some errors which can affect the response that he/she may receive from the advertisement. Very few websites actually render help to the advertisers in getting their ads booked in the required newspaper.
We, at myadvtcorner.com have given an Ad booking procedure which assists the advertisers in booking their ads directly from our website. Before booking an ad in any Indian newspaper, an advertiser must know that there are 3 types of ad which can be published:
Text Classified Ads- The basic kind of ad which an advertiser prefers to give is known as ‘’Run-on line’’ or ROL ads. They are priced in terms of number of words, lines or characters used in the advertisement.

Classified Display Ads- They are also known as column ads and are published in the classified section of the newspaper. They can be both in colour/black and white format with images/logos and text matter. Classified display ads usually vary in height rather than width. The minimum ad size is 3cm (width) x 5cm (height) and priced based on their size in per sq.cm./per col.cm.

Display Ads- This is the most expensive form of newspaper advertising and can be published on any page. They do not have any specific size limit. The price of these ads is calculated on the basis of the size in per sq.cm. Display ads, are not published in the classified section.

The Ad booking process is very clearly given on our website in the section ‘’ How to book an ad ’’.
Inspite of all the specifications given on the website, the advertisers commit certain errors while booking the advertisement. Few of the mistakes are – Selection of a wrong ad category & its sub category. For e.g. in case of matrimonial ads the sub category that should be chosen is ‘’Bride wanted’’ or ‘’Groom Wanted’’. There can also be an incorrect selection of the publishing date.

For e.g. for a Recruitment advertisement in Hindustan Times, make sure you choose the focus day which is Tuesday. Advertisers sometimes do not provide contact details in the content of the advertisement. For e.g. a matrimonial ad should contain a contact no. or an email id to get response through the advertisement.

Another mistake that an advertiser can make is not uploading any documents for ads that require them. For e.g. you need to provide a scanned copy of the notarized affidavit in case of a name change advertisement. While composing an ad, the text matter should contain proper spacing. Ad should be booked 3 days in advance so that it is published as per the date selected.
For any further queries, please mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com. You can call us at 09810904604


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