Yoga Asanas to Fight Diabetics

Cities all over the India are experiencing a rise in diabetes. While a diet that is free of sugar and starch is medically approved, you can obtain added benefit from yoga.

Regular practice of yoga not only helps to lose weight — the most effective recommendation for Type 2 diabetes control — but the pancreas can be stimulated by certain yogic asanas to produce sufficient insulin for controlling the level of sugar in the body.

Incorporating the following techniques into your daily exercise routine will help you to keep diabetes in check:


Kapalbhati: This pranayama technique uses vigorous and powerful breathing exercises along with stomach movements to stimulate the pancreas.

Method: Sit cross-legged with a straight spine, your stomach pulled in and arms on your lap with thumbs and fingertips meeting – i.e. in the gyan position. Thus, your spine gets aligned with the back of your head. Next, relax your stomach muscles. Then expel the air from your lungs through your nose as forcefully as you comfortably can.

Your abdominal muscles will thus contract sharply and your abdomen drawn inwards towards your spine (just as when you suck in your stomach). Now inhale completely and passively without any additional effort. Make sure that all the breathing takes place through your nose. Immediately after inhaling passively, forcefully exhale again. Continue at a steady rhythm of 10 rounds of 20-25 repetitions each.


Vajrasana: Stomach movement is promoted by this position which helps to stimulate the pancreas.

Method: With folded legs and clenched fists, sit in the namaz position. After putting your hands on your thighs, press them into your stomach and bend forward while exhaling. Next, draw your body back into the upright position and inhale. Remain in each position for at least two minutes. If you are a beginner, repeat this routine 10-15 times.

Sarvangasana: Breaking down the sugar in your blood through calorie-burning exercise is very important. So experts suggest that, instead of just taking a walk every morning, alternate it with other calorie-burning yogasanas like sarvangasana.

Method: Lie flat on your back. Slowly raise your legs while inhaling deeply. Lift your hips and legs straight till your toes point to the ceiling. While breathing slowly and deeply through your abdomen hold the pose as long as you are comfortable. Next, bend your knees and place your palms on the floor to come out of the posture.

Slowly curve your spine and gradually unfold your body like when a carpet unrolls. After your entire back touches the floor, straighten your knees, take a deep breath and, while breathing out slowly, lower your legs to the ground. Continue at a steady rhythm of 10 rounds.



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