How come “An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away”?



Amazing how this fruit works on health by strengthening the immune system, preventing cancerous growths and helping loss of weight. And all you need to do is munch one apple every day!

How do apples do it?
In 2008, a German cancer research centre published an important research report that showed how apples offer a significant health benefit. They compared a group of people who had less than one apple a day with one that had one or more apples a day and found that the latter had a lower risk of a wide range of cancers – of the mouth, larynx, breast, intestinal, kidney and ovaries.

Fresh research at Cornell University was supported by the above, as these showed that the peel of the apple has strong anti-oxidant properties, which are a strong block against the influences of breast cancer cells. Researchers found that the concentration of cancerous cells reduced with the higher concentration of apples.

Cancerous growths are uncontrollable growths of cells independently spreading through the body. The growths are based on three principal levels. First are the mutations caused in cell DNA. Next is when the growth becomes malignant and accelerates. The last is when causes cancer cells to spread throughout the body.

Apples aren’t used only as anti-oxidants in cases of a cancerous growth. They also improve the immune system function, and this helps to clean out the growths at the early stages.

Besides boosting the immune system and fighting cancerous growths, apples also help control the cholesterol and sugars levels in the blood, prevent heart disease and improve mouth hygiene. They are one of the healthiest foods simply because they contain more than 80% water and a long line of essential vitamins.

The apple’s nutritional fibres
We can be rewarded with about 4.4 grams of nutritional fibres by simply eating one apple a day with its peel. That is one-fifth of the recommended amount of an entire day.

Nutritional fibres come from plants and play a crucial role in stimulating the digestive system and encouraging its function. Because they are not digested, they sate hunger longer. What’s important is the chewing – not in drinking apple juice, for instance.

How is this relevant to apples?
Apples are a major source of nutritional fibres, particularly pectin fibres. These are a group of complex carbohydrates that regulate our bowels, improve good cholesterol rates and provide powerful anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial support.

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, have shown that consuming pectin instead of regular fibre empties the stomach in two hours instead of one – ensuring that we don’t feel hungry for a longer time.

All of which adds to our health and well-being.



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