Beating diabetes in 10 ways

1. Burn off calories more than you eat or drink – To consume less calories than you use is very healthy. Always opt for foods which have low calories while increasing your physical activity – like walking more, climbing stairs and consciously trying to stay active.

2. Be aware of your waist measurements – A slim waist is a sign of better health – not just an attractive figure. According to experts, men should keep their waist measurement below 90 cm (35.5 inches) and women less than 80 cm (31.5 inches).

3. Eat more frequent but smaller meals – For instance, instead of eating three solid meals a day, it would be healthier to change to a divide and eat policy. Instead of taking four chappaties, for example, you can have two at one time and two after a couple of hours or so. And, regardless of anything, always have breakfast.

4. Add vegetables and fruits to your diet – Consciously try to consume plenty of fruits (not juices which are not as nourishing) and vegetables – more so, green leafy vegetables. They will immensely benefit your overall health, sense of well-being and appearance.

5. The gain with whole grains – When you eat wheat, oats and brown rice you will have a more healthy diet than any kind of refined foods. You will keep diabetes at bay when you make these a part of your diet.

6. There’s nothing to beat exercise – The power of regular exercise as a safeguard against diabetes is far greater than that of any medicine created. Through at least 30 minutes of regular exercise a day, you can prevent diabetes, heart disease and various other illnesses. Exercise not only keeps you healthy, it improves your looks and makes life far more enjoyable.

7. De-stress – Stress and diabetes have a strong correlation according to experts. There is much that you can do to avoid and reduce stress in your life. You can meditate, practise yoga, do aerobics – the list goes on.

8. Stop smoking – The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study according to which a person smoking between 16 and 25 cigarettes a day was three times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than a non-smoker.

9. Take less salt – Diabetes and hypertension are very closely connected. It has been found that there are twice as many diabetic people suffering from hypertension than non-diabetics. Thus, if you have any elements of risk of diabetes or hypertension, reduce your salt intake.

10. Regularly check the levels of your cholesterol and blood sugar – If you have a family history of diabetes, along with any one of the risk factors mentioned above, ensure that you regularly check on cholesterol and blood sugar.


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