Myadvtcorner Grows as Customer Feedbacks Grows


It is well recognised that today’s frontrunner in online booking agencies for advertising is, a part of the well-established, fully INS-accredited, full-service advertising agency, Mind Maker Communications Pvt. Ltd. Because of this background, is able to instantly reach virtually every newspaper in any language anywhere in India – and a few abroad also.

Since the inception of the online operations, four years ago, only one factor has influenced our operations: customer service. But how good is this service? Only the customer can say – and so many are saying it. They are telling us just how much they appreciate the quality of service we provide. And we are proud to have served thousands of delighted customers in all this time. This is the spur that goads us on to greater effort.

To channelize this fast-rising volume of feedback and reviews, we have established a committed team that keeps us up to date with our public’s opinion about the standards of our services. That influences our understanding of our diverse customers’ needs and guides us on the best way to meet them.


You are welcome to review the testimonials that give you the latest reviews of our committed customers. From those laudatory reviews, you will understand the height of the esteem in which service is held by our clients. It will also indicate the extent we go to meet the most challenging requirements of diverse clients.

For instance, we place the media expertise of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd at their disposal to help them reach every newspaper and still remain within their budgets. Also, to enhance the quality of our clients’ advertisements and increase noticeability and impact,, also use the professional copywriting and visualising cutting-edge capabilities of the full-service advertising

In fact, the wide range of opportunities that we open up for clients can best be found out by a simple telephone call to: 9810904604.

Meanwhile, do keep giving us your feedbacks writing in reviews of your experiences with the services of We will welcome your views warmly and include them in the ever-growing list of our satisfied customers. Whether it is two lines or a whole letter, do remember that we enjoy our relationship with all our customers even after releasing each one’s advertisement, no matter how small or big.

Our creed: our client is our supporter who deserves our whole-hearted support.



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