Drink More water – For 6 Reasons

Drink more water

Drink more Water


An adequate amount of water daily is important for overall good health .As you already know, water is the ultimate life-giver all over the globe. For people, it offers a multitude of benefits, including healing. So you need to drink glasses and glasses of it for the following six reasons:

Bolster your digestive system

Clean your system of digestion up in the most natural way. Gulping water is to your innards what splashing your face with the same liquid is. The equivalent to the glow your face feels is what your insides feel when they are flushed with fresh water. Nor do you need to read up on this in medical diet literature, consult a doctor or spend money on medicine.

De-crease your face’s creasing lines

Far better than all those anti-ageing creams on the market that you put on your face is plain water. It naturally moisturises skin, improves skin elasticity and replenishes the tissues of the skin. Water is just the thing for making your skin look more youthful.

Reduce the “spare tires” at your waist

Water is to your metabolism what oil is to an efficiently-running machine. And, just like the machine when oil runs out, your metabolism slows down when there isn’t enough inflow of water. As a result, fats get processed more slowly. So drink eight to 10 glasses of water and reduce the unwanted bulges on your body.

Get that ache out of your head

If you suffer from headaches, especially chronic ones, for a long time, don’t bother going out to a chemist’s and spending money buying some analgesic pills. First think of drinking some glasses of water. Chances are you will be relieved because it has been found that 90 per cent of all headaches are most likely caused by dehydration of the body.

Improve your mood

When you’re feeling low and want to raise your mood, simply drink water. It’s the most natural cure in more ways than one. Besides helping to relieve headaches and decrease backaches, it rejuvenates your body and refreshes it because many of these bodily afflictions are merely because of dehydration. And drinking water takes care of that problem.

Asthmatics breathe easier with water
If there is a shortage of water vapor in the lungs, the airways get constricted. This develops mucus in the lungs, leading to attacks of asthma. Medical specialists recommend that people suffering from asthma should drink at least 10 glasses of water with a pinch of salt a day. Another form of treatment is taking an inhalation of steam from a bowl.


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