How Myadvtcorner Makes Advertising Easy for Laypeople

Advertising word cloud glowing

Whoever you are and whatever occupation you may be pursuing – unless it is practicing some kind of advertising (in the creative or media fields, for instance) – advertising is probably the last thing on your mind. True, your daily existence would be bombarded with advertising – in the newspapers and magazines you read, the signboards (hoardings) and banners on the road, or the T.V. or radio you see and watch or movies you go to, or even while you are on the Internet. Mostly, however, you disregard them because you have far more absorbing matter occupying your mind.

But, unexpectedly, an occasion arises when you have to suddenly develop an ad to be published in the newspapers – or a particular newspaper in one or more locations on specific dates. It may be, for instance, a:

  • Matrimonial ad: To help find an appropriate spouse for an eligible bride or groom
    Property ad: For renting, buying of selling of property of any kind
    •Recruitment ad: This could be not only for finding suitable people to fill job vacancies in an organisation but also for young people to find jobs
    Education ad: It could range from announcing the opening of admissions to talking of tuition classes and myadvtcorner provide excellent facility to the institutions for displaying their education ad in newspaper.
    Obituary ad and Remembrance ad: To inform people of the loss of a loved one or remind far-flung relatives of the date of demise in the past through Obituary ad .

There’s much more – for instance: • Lost & found ad • Motor vehicles ad
• Change-of-name ad • Missing person ad • Computer ad • Business ad • Shopping ad
Services ad • Entertainment & physical fitness ad • Travel & tourism ad • Astrology ad • Tenders/public notices ad • you name it… has it!

newspaper ad

Now, you have so many other matters to attend to that preparation and publication of such material is best left to specialists in the field who have long experience and great expertise in newspaper advertising. Today, no matter where you are, such specialists are within easy reach of your home and office. You have only to contact is the online facility of the total-service advertising agency, Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd which has been fully accredited to The Indian Newspaper Society (INS) since 1993. At your disposal through this agency are the expertise of a professional copywriter and creative visualizer working on state-of-the-art computers. Together, their talents heighten the impact of every communication created by Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Simultaneously, the agency’s media department can pinpoint the most suitable newspaper for your needs anywhere in India – whether national, regional or local. For instance, if you are located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and you want the advertisement to appear in south India, the media department of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd could negotiate for the best terms with the most appropriate editions of, say, The Hindu in English and Dinamalar in Tamil, for you.


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