Obituaries That Convey the Grief


Newspapers columns themselves become the obituary columns when well-known people cease to grace this world. Their obituaries are written by not only the newspaper’s own reporters and correspondents but also by other celebrities who had any dealings with the departed person or were knowledgeable of the person’s achievements and accomplishments. Not just coverage and space, all free of charge, these obituaries appear in the very next morning in every edition of the newspaper – national, regional or local.
However, this is not possible in the case of ordinary people, many of whom may not be too well known even in their own localities. But they do have connections with friends and relatives in far-flung locations in the same town or city and beyond in different parts of the state or country. All those people have to be informed. This is extremely difficult for people directly involved in the person who has passed away.
The close relatives and friends are, as it is, overwhelmed with grief. At the same time, they are troubled by so many other activities – like telephoning all those possible about the loss, preparing the body, arranging for the funeral formalities, getting a doctor to certify the demise of the person, all the while meeting and greeting the visitors and mourners who are pouring in non-stop.
Then there is the actual funeral, the drive to location, the religious rites before the cremation or burial, and the lighting of the pyre or interment of the body, which are carried out according to laid-down traditions and rituals. Meanwhile, they have also to decide about when and where the commemoration function will be held and contacting those people concerned to reserve the appropriate time.
In the midst of all this, how do they manage to convey the information of the loss to distant people? The best way is through newspaper obituary columns carried by all newspapers. But there is no time to contact the publications, find out their rates and reach and make a choice. Then the message has to be written according to the space provided within the budget. The space could range from a classified ad with a picture or a display ad with more space according to its affordability.
All this responsibility can be instantly and conveniently entrusted from one’s home or office to, which is the online arm of the full-service, INS-accredited advertising agency Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd whose media experts will guide you to the right publication and make the appropriate arrangements at the lowest rate. Through, you will also get access to the agency’s professional copy writing and visualizing expertise to fine-tune the message you wish to convey. And all this is free of charge.


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