How Newspaper Advertising Prices Work out to be the Lowest

newspaper ads in times of indiaIn the various media available for advertising – press (newspapers and magazines), electronic (radio, television or internet) or outdoor (hoardings, banners, wall-paintings) – newspapers stand out for their many advantages. For one thing, wherever you are in India, you can reach any local, regional or national newspaper in any language anywhere in the country on almost any day. Therefore, this medium can adjust costing to suit budgets whether high or low though tailor-made solutions.

Thus, when you book ads in newspapers, you can pin-point which audience in specific geographic and linguistic conditions you wish to target. This is not possible with any of the other mediums listed above with the same high level of impact and low level of cost. That is mainly because most newspapers are meant for people of specific locations and specific languages in order to sell more copies. This is what gives you the reach you need.

For instance, if you are a Malayali living in Delhi who has had a death in the family, you can book obituary ad in Malyala Manorama in Kottayam, Kerala, to convey the news to friends, relatives and well-wishers of that state. Through newspapers, you can write a one-time obituary through which you will share your sentiments with those distant people. No other medium can offer you this advantage at an even remotely competitive cost. That’s one reason why newspapers ads work out to be the cheapest.

obituary ads in newspaperIn newspapers, depending on your budget, you normally get three options for the kind of ad you can publish. One is the black and white text-based classified ad which is the cheapest because it is charged by word or line and subject to a minimum of five lines with additional charges for additional words. Such ads are good for simple, formal announcements like lost and found and change of name public notices.

The second option is classified display ads which also appear in the classified columns of newspapers but are made more attractive by such devices as colour screens and small visuals. The third option is the display ad for which is there are no restrictions of space and colour and are ideal for forcefully projecting the product or service being advertised. Both these kinds of ads – classified display and display – are charged on the basis of square columns consumed.

To maximise your benefits, you are best off using the computer at home or office to contact MyAdvtCorner.Com the online facility of a full-fledged advertising agency with a media reach to all newspapers. It offers instant response at no additional charge to reach newspapers like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Anandabazaar Patrika, Dainik Jagran, Daily Thanthi and many more.



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