Booking Property Ads online in Newspapers

property newspaper adsImpressive developments by major well-known builders have made the country’s real estate scene glow. These realty entrepreneurs have made a point to incorporate elements which buyers seek before making their purchase decisions, like diverse amenities and innovative décor elements. Especially as commercial as well as residential properties are available, the country’s property market now offers opportunities for substantial financial gains.

The country provides excellent prospects in this respect as property prices have risen to new heights. This creates a rosy picture from the investment perspective. Thus, having made a decision to make an investment in property, your objective should be to find a sound builder whose assistance could guide you to buying the proper property to meet your requirements.

In order to do this, you should go in for property newspaper ads and go online with MyAdvtcorner, the facility with complete media back-up which has instant access to local, regional and national papers in all Indian languages making it so much easier for you to find out rates of newspaper advertisements. This service is offered at no extra charge and you can conveniently avail of it without stirring from the computer at home or office.

Having thus obtained the rates of newspaper advertisements, you can choose from three kinds of advertising in the newspapers. The cheapest is simple black and white text classified ads in newspapers which are just charged by the word or line (depending on the newspaper’s policy), subject to a minimum of five lines with additional words being charged proportionately extra.


Property Ads


Your second advertising option is classified display ads in newspapers in which you can add attractive enhancements like a color screen and small visuals. Such types of classified ads cost more and are charged per column centimeter. This is the same charge if you choose to advertise with a display ad in which there no restrictions on size, color or page.



Besides property, MyAdvtcorner provides free services for lost and found ads, change of name ads, matrimonial ads, situations vacant ads, education ads, tender ads, obituaries and remembrances among many others.



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