How to Book an Obituary Ad in the Hindu Newspaper

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The finite nature and fragility of human life is often overlooked. Awareness of the corporeal existence dawns on us when someone close to us passes away. Such a sad event invariably overwhelms us with emotions and we are comforted by being surrounded by having loved ones around to bring us comfort. That is where such gatherings as memorial services are a great consolation to those who have been left behind.

obituary advertisement

To make such gatherings possible, newspaper obituary advertisements are released in newspapers to, firstly, inform various people of the demise of the dearly departed and, secondly, the time and place where a condolence meeting will be held for the benefit of the near and dear ones of the person concerned. Besides English, it is possible to put such newspaper ads in Hindi and other vernacular languages in national, regional and local newspapers.

newspaper classifieds

While it is most economical for such public death notices to appear in the classified section of a newspaper, they can also be published in classified display and display formats. Plain text classified ads are charged by the word or line subject to a minimum of five lines, with proportionately more for any excess. The other two kinds of ads are charged by the square centimeter. Classified display ads can be made more attractive through color screens, small visuals and other such enhancements. Display ads, on the other hand, have no restrictions on color and size – even a full-page in all four colors is acceptable.

Ads in Newspaper

Obituaries generally carry the deceased’s picture and a small write-up on the person in addition to certain relevant dates and the names of those in grief. It normally also provides the time and place for any kind of memorial service to be held in this regard.

Since its inception in 1878 as a weekly – which later became a daily – The Hindu has become a newspaper of sterling reputation by setting high journalistic standards, for which it gained several plaudits. Today, The Hindu is the third most-read English newspaper in India, boasting of the largest circulation base in South India among all English dailies – especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Besides its home base of Chennai, it even reaches metropolitan Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and smaller cities like Coimbatore, Vuzag, Magaluru, Kochi and even Noida.

The Hindu’s classified section ranks among the most sought-after classified sections of any Indian newspaper. These classifieds of The Hindu contain the whole gamut of public notices, tenders, matrimonials and much more. A critical element pertains to obituaries and remembrances.

However, if you have difficulty with all the other matters to be dealt with when there is a death in the house; you can depend on MyAdvtcorner the online facility with a media section that reaches every newspaper regardless of language. It will do the needful instantly at no extra cost.


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