Benefits of Selling Property Online

Property Advertisement Booking

There are many ways to sell property – by word of mouth, through brokers, via the internet, even by outdoor media like hoardings and posters. But the most advantageous medium is the newspaper.  Almost every daily newspaper carries property ads. The Times of India carries a free pull-out supplement, Property Times, every Saturday. This is in addition to carrying property ads throughout the week at the same rates.

So, whether you are selling a plot, farmhouse, beach house, industrial facility, go down, factory, multi-storey building, apartment complex, bungalow, flat, even a room for paying guests  or any similar construction, you should place your ads in newspaper. This is because every day newspapers reach readers in all languages all over the country. This helps you to precisely strike your target audience most cost-effectively.

For instance, while living in Gurgaon, if you have suddenly inherited property in Kolkata. You can place your property advertisement in a newspaper in English in The Telegraph and/or Anandabazar Patrika for Bengali readers. But, first, getting the cost of ads in newspapers must be done. This is very tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, it is to your advantage to contact an online facility like MyAdvtcorner for instant response right from the convenience of your office desk top or home laptop computer.

Property ad

With a fully geared media department in support, MyAdvtcorner has access to every newspaper anywhere in India in any language. They can also instantly inform of discounts, rebates or special packages. All these are passed on to the advertiser without any extra charge from the online facility.

To save money your best option would be to go for a simple, black and white, text classified ad. Such ads are charged by the word or line (as per the newspaper’s rules) with additional charges beyond five lines.

Property ads can also be placed at the slightly more costly classified display ad format in which the charges are on a square centimetre basis but the ads can be made more attractive by using colour screens and small visuals.

With a more liberal budget, a property advertisement in a newspaper can be a full colour ad of any size but will be charged at the same square centimetre basis as classified display ads.

For Property Advertisement Booking in any Newspaper call us at 9810904604 or mail us at



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