Publish Obituary Ads In Hindustan Times Via Myadvtcorner

The manner in which the sun sets and many a times the brightest of stars in the sky disappear, in a similar fashion many people leave this world for some better place that provides them solace. To pay tributes to the departed soul, the survivors left behind place obituary advertisements in newspaper. Such ads are meant to inform the others about the sad demise of a loved one and therefore comprise of the details of the deceased viz. Photograph, date of birth, date of death, survivor details, venue, date and place of last rites, etc.

Hindustan Times is one newspaper that is always in demand amongst the readers. It is a prestigious news broadsheet that was started in the year 1924 during the period of Indian Independence. Since then the paper has never seen a downfall in its reader base. On the contrary, its following has increased year by year. Even in this internet age people read this newspaper that keeps them abreast of the daily happenings not just in the country but around the world as well.

Consequently, this news supplement sees a heavy influx of ad requests on a regular basis. People seek ad space in this coveted paper for all types of ad requirements. Obituary ads in Hindustan Times are the most common types of ad posts that one can place in this news chronicle.

To place an obituary ad get in touch with Myadvtcorner that is one of the renowned newspaper ad booking online portals run by Mind Makers Communications Private Limited; an INS accredited ad agency. The latter is serving the loyal customers for the past many decades.

To know more visit the website or call on 9810904604 and directly get in touch with the customer-support team. In case of any query, kindly drop a mail at


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