People change their names for different reasons. Women change their surnames after marriage; many add their spouse’s surname to their maiden name, there are others who rechristen selves thereby attaining a new identity altogether, etc. Reasons might vary, but the significance of announcing such changes remains the same for all. It is essential for everyone who changes her/his name to inform people about their move as per the law. Individuals can make such information public by publishing in a printed journal viz. newspapers, etc. Without a valid newspaper clipping stating the name change act, no other authority will change the natives name on vital documents viz. passports, PAN Cards, Driving License, etc.

It is highly important to produce the newspaper ad as a proof to the concerned authorities to get the name changed on all the official documents. Plus, there are other formalities as well that one needs to full-fill before getting the name changed legally or else the previous name itself recognizes the person.


Now that you have realized the importance of a name change advertisement in newspaper without any further delay, you can publish your ad post stating the name change act. You can take help of Myadvtcorner in this regard. It is one of the renowned names in the world of newspaper classified ad bookings. The service provider is an online portal that provides an accessible 24 X 7 ad booking facility. Thus, you can book classified ad in newspaper at any time and from anywhere.

For more details visit the website or drop a mail at contactus@myadvtcorner.com.

You can also call on the following number 9810904604.



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