Lost and Found Ads in Newspaper

So you lost a bag full of your essential documents while getting down from a crowded metro? Do not panic and immediately inform about your loss via lost and found ad in any leading newspaper. It is a common phenomenon of everyday life that people lose their precious belongings amidst the fast paced life and the daily hustle-bustle. It is not uncommon to find a lot of such ad postings in all the news broadsheets whether a national daily, a regional paper or a vernacular. People have been taking the help of news journals to inform masses about their missing articles.

Lost Found Advertisement


Newspapers undoubtedly have a mass readership as well as circulation. They reach the remote corners of the country where technology has not been able to penetrate. Particularly, in the rural belt where internet mania has not replaced the printed chronicles, people still rely on newspapers for daily dose of news and current affairs. Hence, it is very likely that a newspaper ad post will reach the public faster than any other media and thus will be able to generate a better reader response.

There is another noteworthy point here that since newspapers are easily accessible and are convenient to carry therefore people from conventional generation prefer news spreadsheets over viral news (despite the arrival of smartphone technology). Thus, it can be rightly concluded that to have a maximum post reach and connect with maximum people newspaper ads are the best medium.


Coming back to the lost and found ads, since you have to make an announcement to as many people as you can about your lost precious belonging, then what else can be better than a newspaper advert!

So, now you know the benefit of a classified ad. However, here comes another daunting task i.e. of selecting the best paper for this purpose. It is advisable to go for a news chronicle that is popular with deeper penetration. The Times of India is one name that you can bet on easily without worrying. Lost and Found Ad in Newspaper TOI, will help you get back your lost item easily due to the popularity of this paper.

It is an English language national daily that is read by the entire educated middle-class of the country. From children to the older generation, there is seldom anyone who hasn’t laid their hands on this paper.

Hence, publish The Times of India Lost and Found Classified Ads if you want a quicker response to your ad.

For Any query regarding Lost and Found ad booking for The Times of India Newspaper please call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com


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