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The Times of India Tender Notice Advertisement can be booked through online mode

The Times of India Tender Notice Ads

Tender notices are published to call in suitable companies to bid in a particular project. Such notices are official ones that are circulated in Public so that interested companies can offer their quote. Tenders are usually published by Public sector undertakings and government sector companies. Newspapers are the first choice to publish such notices. Printed adverts take the message to a lot of people as almost every news journal has a large readership. Whether it is a national daily or a regional paper, every newspaper has the potential to provide good reader response. It is also one of the facts that newspapers have low cost per reach and hence companies and organisations prefer this mode of advertising and promotion suitable than any other channel.

Tender Notice ad in newspaper can be published in any paper. However, if you are getting confused as to which newspaper should you choose, then do not think much and simply publish the advert in The Times of India. It is a national daily with vast readership and is published at PAN India level thereby having the capability to take your message to a large audience pool.

TOI Tender Notice Advertisement

To book The Times of India Tender Notice Advertisement you need not go here and there. Simply, hop on the website and make your bookings instantly via online mode. You just need to provide the details viz. advert category (Tender Notice in this case), the newspaper of your choice, date of publication, advert format type i.e. classified text ad, classified display ad or a display advert, etc. Further, make online payment over a secured payment gateway via Net Banking, Credit or Debit Card, etc. Such a method of online ad reservations is convenient and you will be saved from the marathon to the nearby newspaper office. Plus, you will be able to avail the discounts and rebates that are offered by the service provider and are exclusive for online bookings only.

To know the format of Tender notices you can check the website for online sample posts or else you can also take reference from the already published newspaper adverts for Tenders. Such posts will help you draft your advert copy easily without any hassle and you will get a blue-print to draft your notice.

So, go ahead and book your Tender Notice online to save your precious time and avail great discounts on your bookings.

For any query related to Tender Notice ad booking for The Times of India Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at


Pay Tribute to your Loved One via Navbharat Times Newspaper


Newspaper obituary messages are highly response generating as people pour in their messages and tributes to the family suffering the loss. A lot of people get informed about the sad news and thus such well-wishers visit the weeping family to lend a supporting hand. Moreover, such ad postings provide the details of the last rites as well as the ceremonies after that. Thus, those intending to pay homage to the deceased can attend the prayer meetings and other rituals.


There are various ways in which you can post an obituary in the newspaper of your choice. Visit the journal’s office and fill the required form with the necessary details and make the payment to get an ad space. However, such a process is long and cumbersome. Also, it becomes a costly affair if you will directly reach a popular newspaper that has a wide reader base.


There is another easy and less costly way in which you can get an ad space for an obituary post. Get in touch with an authentic newspaper advertising agency that will get you an ad space at discounted rate in your best liked paper.

One such ad agency is Myadvtcorner that promises timely delivery of your request that too. The service provider covers all the major newspapers of the country be it national dailies, regional papers or vernaculars. Not just in India but if you want to place an ad in any of the news spreadsheets from overseas, you can do the same with the help of this online service provider.


It is common observance that people living in Northern zone of the country that prefer Hindi, often bank on Navbharat Times to post an ad. The reason this is that Navbharat Times is one of the most widely read Hindi newspapers of North India particularly Delhi/NCR, Lucknow, Kanpur, and other parts of Uttar Pradesh etc. It is also popular in Mumbai and suburbs. The daily comes from the house of Bennett Coleman and Co. Limited that also publishes the national daily The Times of India and other papers — viz. The Economic Times and magazines like Femina and Filmfare.

People often run after this popular news supplement to post an obituary newspaper advertisement to announce the sad demise of a loved one. Consequently, Navbharat Times Newspaper Advertisement booking is costly when compared with other vernaculars.
But with Myadvtcorner you will get an ad space in this popular Hindi paper with ease and at affordable prices.

To post an obituary in this paper via our portal follow these simple steps:

Visit Website
• Click on Book newspaper ad option
• Select the category you wish to place your ad in. For instance obituary
• Select the type of ad i.e. classified text, classified display or display ad
• Now select the newspaper where you want to place your ad and the edition for instance    Navbharat Times in this case
• Click on Book button and place your ad
• Follow the further instructions and make the payment

To know more about the policies and services visit the website or directly approach the customer support team on 09810904604 or mail us at

Maharashtra Times has Classified Ads for Diverse Categories


Maharashtra Times is a Mumbai-based broadsheet Marathi language daily newspaper that is the ninth-largest-selling newspaper in India. Owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. or The Times Group, the country’s largest media house, it is the only newspaper in Mumbai which has more than one million readers in the city, with the city’s largest readership after The Times of India. It is the ideal medium to advertise to Marathi readers because it is published from Mumbai, Pune and Nashik and Aurangabad.


However, because every edition has different rates for different categories of advertisements, it is much simpler and faster to place advertisements in Maharashtra Times newspaper through a single source: Myadvtcorner, the online facility of a full-fledged, INS-accredited advertising agency with a media department dedicated to offering free services to advertisers such as Maharashtra Times newspaper classified ad rates or do newspaper classified ad bookings in Maharashtra Times.


Maharashtra Times newspaper classified advertisements are in diverse categories like:

Maharashtra Times Situation Vacant Ad: When your organisation has vacancies of different kinds, you can place ads in Maharashtra Times detailing the qualifications, skills and experience required from suitable Marathi-speaking candidates to fill those vacancies.

Maharashtra Times Matrimonial Ad: To find a suitable match for your eligible young daughter or son from among Marathi-speaking families, nothing can be better than placing a “Groom Wanted’’ or ‘’Bride Wanted’’ ad in Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Education Ad: Whether your institution provides preschool, middle-school, high-school, college, university or higher education, when you need to inform Marathi people of your facilities, place an ad with Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Travel Ad: If you are in the business of helping people move around on business, holiday or any other and a Marathi audience is just what you need, advertise in Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Business Ad: When you are in any kind of business which needs a Marathi clientele, then this is the ideal medium and you can place an ad to attract them through Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Property Ad: Sell, buy, rent or lease your property or do any kind of real estate transaction in Marathi-speaking areas with ease by placing property ads in Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Announcement Ad: Public notices, tenders, lost and found, change of name, divorce notices, and any such ad which has relevance to Marathi people can be best advertised in Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Vehicle Ad: Whether the vehicle is new or old, has two, three or four wheels and an engine, it can be advertised for sale to Marathi buyers through Maharashtra Times.

From all over India, you can reach the Marathi-speaking people of western India quickly and easily though the single online facility to advertise in Maharashtra Times.

For Any inquiry related to ad booking in Maharashtra Times Newspaper call us at 09810904604, 01202512700 or mail us at

For Quick Obituary Post in Hindustan Times Newspaper Contact Myadvtcorner


The most painful of all the ads is an Obituary post through which we inform others about the sad demise of a loved one. It is even more painful to go through the formalities with a newspaper to get your ad published during such traumatic times.

Obituary ads in newspaper are official paid announcements that provide the following details of the deceased person

  • Date of death,
  • Place of death,
  • Reason of death,
  • Details of last rites ceremonies etc.
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth

Although a large proportion of marketing and promotion is taken over by online media nowadays. But, the craze for a printed supplement has still not declined in this tech savvy age. And thus funeral and death ads in newspapers are still prevalent. Many journals thus publish such ads under a special column of obituaries. The popular papers have an entire page dedicated to such postings.


Though, there are many printed spreadsheets where you can post your ad. But, there is one newspaper that will spread your information in far flung areas as well. It is none other than Hindustan Times. If you have relatives spread across the country, choose the appropriate editions of this popular daily for your ad post.

You too can post an obituary ad in HT, if you have lost a loved one recently. And to help you in this task during such distressing time, our team at Myadvtcorner will lend a helping hand. All you will have to do is inform us about the details and when you wish your ad to be published and we will do the needful.


Follow these simple steps to book an obituary ad in Hindustan Times:

  • Register yourself on the website.
  • Click on ‘book newspaper ad’ option.
  • Now select the category for instance Obituary in this case.
  • Further, select the type of ad i.e. Classified display ad or display ad
  • Also, select the newspaper where you wish to post your ad. Example Hindustan Times
  • Moving forward, select the edition and click on ‘Book Now’ option and make the payment.

To book ad in newspaper obituary or any other category of ads, please contact us. Our devoted customer support team ensures timely delivery as well as grabs the best package for you in reasonable budget. For more details about Hindustan Times newspaper advertisement booking via Myadvtcorner visit the website or call on 09810904604.


How Myadvtcorner Makes Advertising Easy for Laypeople

Advertising word cloud glowing

Whoever you are and whatever occupation you may be pursuing – unless it is practicing some kind of advertising (in the creative or media fields, for instance) – advertising is probably the last thing on your mind. True, your daily existence would be bombarded with advertising – in the newspapers and magazines you read, the signboards (hoardings) and banners on the road, or the T.V. or radio you see and watch or movies you go to, or even while you are on the Internet. Mostly, however, you disregard them because you have far more absorbing matter occupying your mind.

But, unexpectedly, an occasion arises when you have to suddenly develop an ad to be published in the newspapers – or a particular newspaper in one or more locations on specific dates. It may be, for instance, a:

  • Matrimonial ad: To help find an appropriate spouse for an eligible bride or groom
    Property ad: For renting, buying of selling of property of any kind
    •Recruitment ad: This could be not only for finding suitable people to fill job vacancies in an organisation but also for young people to find jobs
    Education ad: It could range from announcing the opening of admissions to talking of tuition classes and myadvtcorner provide excellent facility to the institutions for displaying their education ad in newspaper.
    Obituary ad and Remembrance ad: To inform people of the loss of a loved one or remind far-flung relatives of the date of demise in the past through Obituary ad .

There’s much more – for instance: • Lost & found ad • Motor vehicles ad
• Change-of-name ad • Missing person ad • Computer ad • Business ad • Shopping ad
Services ad • Entertainment & physical fitness ad • Travel & tourism ad • Astrology ad • Tenders/public notices ad • you name it… has it!

newspaper ad

Now, you have so many other matters to attend to that preparation and publication of such material is best left to specialists in the field who have long experience and great expertise in newspaper advertising. Today, no matter where you are, such specialists are within easy reach of your home and office. You have only to contact is the online facility of the total-service advertising agency, Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd which has been fully accredited to The Indian Newspaper Society (INS) since 1993. At your disposal through this agency are the expertise of a professional copywriter and creative visualizer working on state-of-the-art computers. Together, their talents heighten the impact of every communication created by Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Simultaneously, the agency’s media department can pinpoint the most suitable newspaper for your needs anywhere in India – whether national, regional or local. For instance, if you are located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and you want the advertisement to appear in south India, the media department of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd could negotiate for the best terms with the most appropriate editions of, say, The Hindu in English and Dinamalar in Tamil, for you.

Remembering one who has left a fragrant memory

There are many ways to recall the memory of a loved one who is no more on the anniversary of his or her passing on. One way reach out to the most people in far-flung places is to put a remembrance notice in the newspapers. These can be selected for their reach – on a national, regional or local level. Newspapers across the country set aside special columns to accommodate notices by loved ones to remind others of the departed soul.
Such death anniversary notices are ideal for expressing one’s thoughts and devotion to the person is no more in words and visual that suit the occasion the best. Assistance in this regard is readily available from myadvtcorner.comthe online arm of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd, a fully accredited advertising agency with the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) since 1993.
 The in-house, total services provided by Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd are available to users of in several ways. Most impactful are professional copy-writing skills which, when combined with highly imaginative visualization can create the mood in which the advertiser wishes to set his or her thoughts in the death anniversary notice.
The other kind of assistance available from Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd is media expertise. While the vast majority of people will go for only one newspaper, there are a few who choose more than one, to reach different audiences in the same or different cities.
For instance, they could choose the Hindustan Times for the English version and the Navbharat Times for the Hindi one in the Delhi. Or they might advertise in English in The Times of India, Mumbai and Pune, and the Marathi vernacular version in Lokmat,Pune.
The death anniversary notice could be ether a classified ad with the loved one’s picture or a display advertisement in black-and-white or colour where the size would depend entirely on the advertiser’s budget.
The Media department of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd takes the burden of not only hunting for the right medium of publication from your shoulder but also getting the best possible rates, then, finally, arranging for the satisfactory publication in the right publication in the right place and at the right time.
Thus, while you are busy in your routine activities, or those related to the upcoming death anniversary, your total media-related work regarding your death anniversary notice can be safely handed over to Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd by simply contacting from the convenience of your home or office.

The Best Way to Make Your Recruitment Ads Effective

The most famous recruitment advertisement created by J.M.Flagg in 1917, used by the US Army to recruit soldiers for both World War I and World War II.
Where would your office advertise for finding a peon? Or a new head of department? There are a multitude of options – newspapers, television, Internet, even word-of-mouth… Of these, the last three have only fleeting impact – somebody speaks to somebody, a message pops up on the computer or a dramatic audio-visual unfolds on the TV for a few seconds but who remembers? And for how long?

Besides, not only is there the very high cost of producing those pop-ups and audio-visuals for the net and TV, there is also the fact that each ad is generic – one-ad-serves-all kind of thing, simply because creating diverse varieties in multiple languages for different classifications of staff would cost an astronomical sum of money.

Now, look at newspapers. That’s their big advantage – readers can look at any page for as long as they want, just reading what news grabs their attention. But, all the while, ads on the same page will be demanding attention.

This could be in any language, in any place and in any stratum of society – even if there is no electricity! Can TV or the net match that? What’s more, the repeat value of the newspaper for the ad is that it can be fished out at any time and read at the reader’s convenience – and the ad will speak for itself!

All government job recruitments are find specific job vacancy through recruitment advertisements in newspapers .That’s one big advantage newspaper advertising has over advertising in other media. A second is that it’s possible to give adequate details of the job profile only in newspapers. The pop-ups and colourful flashes of the electronic media cannot allow the import of the message to sink into the mind of the viewer. If a viewer is interested in the position advertised, he or she must be able read and re-read the job-profile to be able to judge whether it’s worth applying for.

Another plus-point: If your head office is in Delhi and you need a staff – from the branch manager to the executives, clerks and peons – for your new Pune office, you can take your pick from a national daily like The Times of India (where you are at liberty to select only certain editions – say, only Mumbai and Pune) or a local vernacular publication like Sakal.

Within each such publication, your choice could range from a low-cost text classified (or slightly more expensive display classified which permits small visuals like your corporate logo) to display advertisements of various sizes in black-and-white or full colour to maximise the readability and impact cost-effectively.

Then again, if you do not want your advertisement to be lost in a mass of news and advertising on the usual pages of the newspaper, you have the freedom to choose one of the weekly special supplements like HT Shine by the Hindustan Times every Tuesday, Hindu Empower by The Hindu (also on Tuesdays) and Times Ascent by The Times of India (every Wednesday) among several others.

Clearly, the choices are not just varied, they can be most confusing. To clarify the scene and pinpoint your selection, you can get instant access to the best selections with assistance from one of India’s leading online advertising engines.

As the electronic arm of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd, a fully-INS accredited, full-service advertising agency, offers you access to the wealth of the advertising agency’s media expertise. In addition, your ads can benefit from the in-house professional copy-writing and visualizing proficiency to maximize the impact. All this, free of charge.