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Remembering one who has left a fragrant memory

There are many ways to recall the memory of a loved one who is no more on the anniversary of his or her passing on. One way reach out to the most people in far-flung places is to put a remembrance notice in the newspapers. These can be selected for their reach – on a national, regional or local level. Newspapers across the country set aside special columns to accommodate notices by loved ones to remind others of the departed soul.
Such death anniversary notices are ideal for expressing one’s thoughts and devotion to the person is no more in words and visual that suit the occasion the best. Assistance in this regard is readily available from myadvtcorner.comthe online arm of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd, a fully accredited advertising agency with the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) since 1993.
 The in-house, total services provided by Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd are available to users of in several ways. Most impactful are professional copy-writing skills which, when combined with highly imaginative visualization can create the mood in which the advertiser wishes to set his or her thoughts in the death anniversary notice.
The other kind of assistance available from Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd is media expertise. While the vast majority of people will go for only one newspaper, there are a few who choose more than one, to reach different audiences in the same or different cities.
For instance, they could choose the Hindustan Times for the English version and the Navbharat Times for the Hindi one in the Delhi. Or they might advertise in English in The Times of India, Mumbai and Pune, and the Marathi vernacular version in Lokmat,Pune.
The death anniversary notice could be ether a classified ad with the loved one’s picture or a display advertisement in black-and-white or colour where the size would depend entirely on the advertiser’s budget.
The Media department of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd takes the burden of not only hunting for the right medium of publication from your shoulder but also getting the best possible rates, then, finally, arranging for the satisfactory publication in the right publication in the right place and at the right time.
Thus, while you are busy in your routine activities, or those related to the upcoming death anniversary, your total media-related work regarding your death anniversary notice can be safely handed over to Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd by simply contacting from the convenience of your home or office.

The Best Way to Make Your Recruitment Ads Effective

The most famous recruitment advertisement created by J.M.Flagg in 1917, used by the US Army to recruit soldiers for both World War I and World War II.
Where would your office advertise for finding a peon? Or a new head of department? There are a multitude of options – newspapers, television, Internet, even word-of-mouth… Of these, the last three have only fleeting impact – somebody speaks to somebody, a message pops up on the computer or a dramatic audio-visual unfolds on the TV for a few seconds but who remembers? And for how long?

Besides, not only is there the very high cost of producing those pop-ups and audio-visuals for the net and TV, there is also the fact that each ad is generic – one-ad-serves-all kind of thing, simply because creating diverse varieties in multiple languages for different classifications of staff would cost an astronomical sum of money.

Now, look at newspapers. That’s their big advantage – readers can look at any page for as long as they want, just reading what news grabs their attention. But, all the while, ads on the same page will be demanding attention.

This could be in any language, in any place and in any stratum of society – even if there is no electricity! Can TV or the net match that? What’s more, the repeat value of the newspaper for the ad is that it can be fished out at any time and read at the reader’s convenience – and the ad will speak for itself!

All government job recruitments are find specific job vacancy through recruitment advertisements in newspapers .That’s one big advantage newspaper advertising has over advertising in other media. A second is that it’s possible to give adequate details of the job profile only in newspapers. The pop-ups and colourful flashes of the electronic media cannot allow the import of the message to sink into the mind of the viewer. If a viewer is interested in the position advertised, he or she must be able read and re-read the job-profile to be able to judge whether it’s worth applying for.

Another plus-point: If your head office is in Delhi and you need a staff – from the branch manager to the executives, clerks and peons – for your new Pune office, you can take your pick from a national daily like The Times of India (where you are at liberty to select only certain editions – say, only Mumbai and Pune) or a local vernacular publication like Sakal.

Within each such publication, your choice could range from a low-cost text classified (or slightly more expensive display classified which permits small visuals like your corporate logo) to display advertisements of various sizes in black-and-white or full colour to maximise the readability and impact cost-effectively.

Then again, if you do not want your advertisement to be lost in a mass of news and advertising on the usual pages of the newspaper, you have the freedom to choose one of the weekly special supplements like HT Shine by the Hindustan Times every Tuesday, Hindu Empower by The Hindu (also on Tuesdays) and Times Ascent by The Times of India (every Wednesday) among several others.

Clearly, the choices are not just varied, they can be most confusing. To clarify the scene and pinpoint your selection, you can get instant access to the best selections with assistance from one of India’s leading online advertising engines.

As the electronic arm of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd, a fully-INS accredited, full-service advertising agency, offers you access to the wealth of the advertising agency’s media expertise. In addition, your ads can benefit from the in-house professional copy-writing and visualizing proficiency to maximize the impact. All this, free of charge.

Magical medical turmeric


Look at the variety of protection that India’s traditional turmeric provides. It includes not only safety from heart failure but also cancer and gall stone prevention, besides reduction in cholesterol, and increasing the formation of scars to heal wounds.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation has published studies from the Cardiology Division of the University of Toronto, Canada, that show that when an ingredient in the curry spice turmeric, curcumin, is given orally to various mouse models suffering from hypertrophy (an enlargement of the heart), it is possible to prevent as well as reverse hypertrophy, stop failure of the heart, restore its functioning and reduce the formation of scars.

Turmeric has wonderful anti ageing, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. As a beauty product, it is often used in skin creams also.

During the research, rats were given curcumin and were then either operated upon or given drugs that would endanger them with heart failure. Those animals which consumed curcumin had greater resistance to heart failure and inflammation when compared to those sets of rats which could not get to taste the curcumin.

Enlargement of the heart was also reversed with the treatment of curcumin because this short-circuited the process of enlargement of the heart process although how it happens is not perfectly clear.

Turmeric’s properties for healing have been well-known for centuries. Traditional Indian medicine has used this herb to reduce the formation of scar. If someone suffers a bruise or cut at home, for instance, people reach for turmeric powder at once since it is known to help to heal so that there is no scar.

The bride’s family brings turmeric, betel leaves, nuts and clothes and garlands the groom even as sugar candy is distributed to all present.

In recent times, science has put the spotlight on curcumin, while carrying out research on turmeric’s potential advantage in reducing the levels of cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health besides fighting cancer.

The dosage of turmeric is recommended to be 300 mg to be taken with meals thrice a day. It is useful when acting as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-rheumatic medication. This is in addition to lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer and preventing gall stones. Turmeric is also helpful in such diseases as dyspepsia, dysmenorrhoea, peptic ulcer disease, muscle soreness, HIV, scabies and uveitis.

Moreover, curcuminoids act as free radical scavengers besides also inhibiting leukotrienes and synthesis of prostaglandins. It has been claimed that the anti-inflammatory activity is comparable to such NSAIDs as indomethacin.

In addition to lowering blood lipid peroxides, curcuminoids decrease the total cholesterol and LDL (or bad) cholesterol, while increasing HDL (or good) cholesterol. Another claim is that turmeric has also inhibited platelet aggregation.

This is just a glimpse of the benefits abounding in this rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family, turmeric.Turmeric has wonderful anti ageing, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. As a beauty product, it is often used in skin creams also.

Myadvtcorner Grows as Customer Feedbacks Grows


It is well recognised that today’s frontrunner in online booking agencies for advertising is, a part of the well-established, fully INS-accredited, full-service advertising agency, Mind Maker Communications Pvt. Ltd. Because of this background, is able to instantly reach virtually every newspaper in any language anywhere in India – and a few abroad also.

Since the inception of the online operations, four years ago, only one factor has influenced our operations: customer service. But how good is this service? Only the customer can say – and so many are saying it. They are telling us just how much they appreciate the quality of service we provide. And we are proud to have served thousands of delighted customers in all this time. This is the spur that goads us on to greater effort.

To channelize this fast-rising volume of feedback and reviews, we have established a committed team that keeps us up to date with our public’s opinion about the standards of our services. That influences our understanding of our diverse customers’ needs and guides us on the best way to meet them.


You are welcome to review the testimonials that give you the latest reviews of our committed customers. From those laudatory reviews, you will understand the height of the esteem in which service is held by our clients. It will also indicate the extent we go to meet the most challenging requirements of diverse clients.

For instance, we place the media expertise of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd at their disposal to help them reach every newspaper and still remain within their budgets. Also, to enhance the quality of our clients’ advertisements and increase noticeability and impact,, also use the professional copywriting and visualising cutting-edge capabilities of the full-service advertising

In fact, the wide range of opportunities that we open up for clients can best be found out by a simple telephone call to: 9810904604.

Meanwhile, do keep giving us your feedbacks writing in reviews of your experiences with the services of We will welcome your views warmly and include them in the ever-growing list of our satisfied customers. Whether it is two lines or a whole letter, do remember that we enjoy our relationship with all our customers even after releasing each one’s advertisement, no matter how small or big.

Our creed: our client is our supporter who deserves our whole-hearted support.


Matrimonial Ad in Hindustan Times Up to 50% off


We, at Myadvtcorner is offering upto 50% discount on Matrimonial ad booking in Hindustan Times. Matrimonial scheme for Groom and Bride wanted advertisers just Pay for 1 ad and get 1 Ad Free! And also if you pay for 2 ads you get 2 Ads free. A great opportunity for Groom and Bride wanted advertisers. This is for the First time that 50% Discount has ever been offered. Kindly avail this opportunity immediately, please do not miss this Special offer as it is for a very limited period.

This is for the first time has come with this scheme for the parents of young marriageable girls and boys seeking matrimonial alliances. For a limited period, matrimonial advertisers can benefit from getting two additional free ads by simply paying for two. In other words, 4 ads for the price of only 2 – there is no break in the continuous run of the 4 ads. is a leading website for the online booking of advertisements in any Indian newspapers. It is the most secured and easiest way to book Classified, Classified Display and Display Advertisements for Hindustan Times and all other leading Indian newspapers. Now you can Book Matrimonial Ad, Groom Wanted Ad, Bride Wanted Ad, for Hindustan Times newspaper at lowest rates.

Expert advice and Creative support for Matrimonial Classified Display ad is also provided by MyAdvtCorner.

To advertise in Newspapers, we offer you many options for payment, making it easier for Local, National and International advertisers. We offer all online payment options which include credit card, debit card, cash card, ATM card, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Netbanking, RTGS, NEFT and Direct Deposit in our bank. Our supported credit cards are Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, E-card and American Express etc. Please select any of the payment options and make payment.

Now, Hindustan Times, one of North India’s most widely read and circulated. This amazing offer comes from an English newspaper that has among the biggest readerships and widest circulations (13,43,308) in North India.

To gain access to such a paper instantly from your home or office, you have only to contact or online. These are part of the fully INS-accredited, full-service advertising agency, Mind Makers Communications Pvt Ltd. Its depth of media expertise will get you the best positioning and rates for your advertisements. These could range from simple text-classified ads to display-classified ads where small visuals are permitted to display ads of various sizes to suit every budget.

What’s more, to increase impact, Mind Makers Communications Pvt Ltd. places at your disposal professional copywriting and visualising expertise which won much acclaim and kudos through the years the agency has been in the advertising business.

Aside from matrimonial advertisements, Hindustan Times has several other categories. Thus, through or, right from your home or office, you can explore the Hindustan Times classified rates of business, name change, recruitment, classified remembrance, astrology categories of ads at any time in addition to matrimonial. You will get only the updated rates as provided by the publication.

All this at no extra cost to you. So cash in on this great opportunity, today, if you have the need.

Why is Anandabazar Patrika Loved for Matrimonial Advertising

anandabazar (1)

Anandabazar Patrika (ABP) is a Bengali newspaper started in 1922 and also published with Kolkata, New Delhi and also Mumbai through the ABP Group. It is also printed from Birbhum, Howrah, Purulia, Medinipur, Murshidabad as well as other places inside West Bengal.

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, ABP has a circulation of 1.28 million copies making it the largest circulation for a single-edition, regional language newspaper in India. According to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2012, it is the most widely-read Bengali newspaper in India with a readership of 58.59 lakh. Thus, ABP is the top Bengali newspaper in India by readership.

Such impressive figures came only because ABP has made its mark on Bengali readers’ minds by providing both exceptional and unbiased news content and being an excellent platform for advertisers with a complete platform for classified or display advertising. Nor is ABP favoured only for commercial advertising. It is the front-runner for a whole range of personal advertisements such as change of name, personal greetings, obituary and, most popularly, matrimonial advertising.

Well known for its Sunday matrimony-specific supplement, Patro-Patri (Groom-Bride) along with the main newspaper, ABP is in heavy demand every Sunday. From Kolkata, across West Bengal and elsewhere where ABP has a readership, this matrimony supplement Patro-Patri is the most popular and preferred newspaper matrimonial advertising medium for Bengalis – and even non-Bengalis seeking matches in the Bengali community. The advertiser is offered an attractive package of availing of space in this supplement.

The matrimonial advertising package becomes more lucrative when combined with ABPs sister publication The Telegraph, an English daily from Kolkata. These packages offer heavy discounts to matrimonial advertisers while simultaneously taking their advertisements further with the advantage of advertising in two newspapers at once.

All these benefits will accrue to advertisers at the lowest rates and instantly through Part of a fully INS-accredited advertising agency, benefits advertisers by also providing professional copywriting and visualising support in addition to media contacts and advice with regard to display or classified ads and the most suitable publication anywhere in India for the advertiser.

The advantage of booking the matrimonial ad via, online, is that it saves the advertiser a lot of time who can also make the payments also online. We offer all online payment options which include credit card, debit card, cash card, ATM card, Mastercard, Netbanking, RTGS, NEFT. Please select any of the payment mode which is suitable for you.

Once the payment is received, you receive an online invoice in your email ID which is a confirmation of the ad booked through and that it is due for release on your preferred dates. However, to ensure that your advertisement published on time, you must book your matrimonial ad in Patro-Patri or ABP at least 2-3 days in advance, preferably on Wednesday for it to be conveniently published on Sunday.

Anandabazar Patrika (ABP) is a Bengali newspaper started in 1922 and also published with Kolkata, New Delhi and also Mumbai through the ABP Group.

Anandabazar Patrika (ABP) is a Bengali language daily newspaper started in 1922 and published in Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai by the ABP Group. It is also published from Birbhum, Howrah, Purulia, Medinipur, Murshidabad and other places in West Bengal.

Certain Mistakes Which Should Be Avoided While Booking an Ad Online


Often advertisers, who are not aware of the entire process of getting their ads published in Newspapers, make certain common but avoidable mistakes. A person who tries to book ad online for the first time will commit some errors which can affect the response that he/she may receive from the advertisement. Very few websites actually render help to the advertisers in getting their ads booked in the required newspaper.
We, at have given an Ad booking procedure which assists the advertisers in booking their ads directly from our website. Before booking an ad in any Indian newspaper, an advertiser must know that there are 3 types of ad which can be published:
Text Classified Ads- The basic kind of ad which an advertiser prefers to give is known as ‘’Run-on line’’ or ROL ads. They are priced in terms of number of words, lines or characters used in the advertisement.

Classified Display Ads- They are also known as column ads and are published in the classified section of the newspaper. They can be both in colour/black and white format with images/logos and text matter. Classified display ads usually vary in height rather than width. The minimum ad size is 3cm (width) x 5cm (height) and priced based on their size in per

Display Ads- This is the most expensive form of newspaper advertising and can be published on any page. They do not have any specific size limit. The price of these ads is calculated on the basis of the size in per Display ads, are not published in the classified section.

The Ad booking process is very clearly given on our website in the section ‘’ How to book an ad ’’.
Inspite of all the specifications given on the website, the advertisers commit certain errors while booking the advertisement. Few of the mistakes are – Selection of a wrong ad category & its sub category. For e.g. in case of matrimonial ads the sub category that should be chosen is ‘’Bride wanted’’ or ‘’Groom Wanted’’. There can also be an incorrect selection of the publishing date.

For e.g. for a Recruitment advertisement in Hindustan Times, make sure you choose the focus day which is Tuesday. Advertisers sometimes do not provide contact details in the content of the advertisement. For e.g. a matrimonial ad should contain a contact no. or an email id to get response through the advertisement.

Another mistake that an advertiser can make is not uploading any documents for ads that require them. For e.g. you need to provide a scanned copy of the notarized affidavit in case of a name change advertisement. While composing an ad, the text matter should contain proper spacing. Ad should be booked 3 days in advance so that it is published as per the date selected.
For any further queries, please mail us at You can call us at 09810904604