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Matrimonial classified ads expand choice massively


In today’s fast-moving environment, marriages can no longer be said to be made in heaven. More likely, they are made through a multitude of choices thrown up by a simple ad in a newspaper’s classified pages. This is a device used by the parents of eligible young women and men for matching spouses, something that a rising number of young unmarried people are also resorting to themselves to secure a better future for themselves after marriage.

Dainik Jagran Matrimonial Advertisement

In traditional society of any community, where romantic marital alliances between men and women are still largely frowned on, the process actually starts while they are still in their adolescent teens. That is when the hormones start making their presence felt with wild heartbeats at the sight of a desirable person, usually of the opposite sex.


At that early stage, the parents, friends, relatives and neighbours also notice the change in physical appearance and taste of the growing youth. These older people mentally and good-humouredly start linking them to others as possible future life partners. The process goes on through senior school, college, higher studies and vocational pursuits wherever the youngsters may move to in their quests for securing their futures.

During this period, the young women and men inevitably make social contacts with others of the opposite sex. In case the contact sparks something more than casual interest, this leads to some exploration of each keeping long-term relationships in mind. Very often, things do not work out and they go their separate ways. But each instinctively continues exploration with others they come across, mostly with the matrimony in mind. The last resort is a matrimonial newspaper advertisement.


All this while, in traditional society, the parents have been conducting a parallel exercise with precisely the same objective — finding appropriate spouses for those children. After testing the waters on a social and neighbourhood scale and among their friends and relatives, they too decide that the best option is a matrimonial newspaper advertisement.

For example, if they publish an ad in Dainik Jagran newspaper, they get a wide choice of 33 editions in India’s No. 1 Hindi broadsheet daily newspaper. It is the world’s highest circulated Hindi daily with 3,112,560 copies (as of December 2013 according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation) and enjoys an average readership of 16.37 million as per an All-India Readership Survey. With such possibilities, one can imagine how far a Bride Wanted or Groom Wanted ad can reach and the response that kind of reach can generate.

However, India has over 200 local, regional and national newspapers published in English and all Indian languages. Thus, a matrimonial ad can be placed in more than one language in more than one edition in more than one city. The choices are endless. Therein lies the massive advantage of placing just one matrimonial ad in the newspapers.

If the process of finding out the most appropriate newspapers seems beyond you — as it would be for someone with little connections with media in general and newspapers in particular, which is usually the case — there is a very simple solution. Intending advertisers have only to use their laptops or office computers to contact the well-established online advertising facility Myadvtcorner. Its professional media experts can provide the necessary information free of charge. This includes passing on any special packages like the current one from The Times of India which offers two ads free for every two paid ads placed in its pages.

So, if one seeks a substantial choice for marital bliss, take the route of placing an ad in the right newspaper’s matrimonial columns.