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The Best Way to Make Your Recruitment Ads Effective

The most famous recruitment advertisement created by J.M.Flagg in 1917, used by the US Army to recruit soldiers for both World War I and World War II.
Where would your office advertise for finding a peon? Or a new head of department? There are a multitude of options – newspapers, television, Internet, even word-of-mouth… Of these, the last three have only fleeting impact – somebody speaks to somebody, a message pops up on the computer or a dramatic audio-visual unfolds on the TV for a few seconds but who remembers? And for how long?

Besides, not only is there the very high cost of producing those pop-ups and audio-visuals for the net and TV, there is also the fact that each ad is generic – one-ad-serves-all kind of thing, simply because creating diverse varieties in multiple languages for different classifications of staff would cost an astronomical sum of money.

Now, look at newspapers. That’s their big advantage – readers can look at any page for as long as they want, just reading what news grabs their attention. But, all the while, ads on the same page will be demanding attention.

This could be in any language, in any place and in any stratum of society – even if there is no electricity! Can TV or the net match that? What’s more, the repeat value of the newspaper for the ad is that it can be fished out at any time and read at the reader’s convenience – and the ad will speak for itself!

All government job recruitments are find specific job vacancy through recruitment advertisements in newspapers .That’s one big advantage newspaper advertising has over advertising in other media. A second is that it’s possible to give adequate details of the job profile only in newspapers. The pop-ups and colourful flashes of the electronic media cannot allow the import of the message to sink into the mind of the viewer. If a viewer is interested in the position advertised, he or she must be able read and re-read the job-profile to be able to judge whether it’s worth applying for.

Another plus-point: If your head office is in Delhi and you need a staff – from the branch manager to the executives, clerks and peons – for your new Pune office, you can take your pick from a national daily like The Times of India (where you are at liberty to select only certain editions – say, only Mumbai and Pune) or a local vernacular publication like Sakal.

Within each such publication, your choice could range from a low-cost text classified (or slightly more expensive display classified which permits small visuals like your corporate logo) to display advertisements of various sizes in black-and-white or full colour to maximise the readability and impact cost-effectively.

Then again, if you do not want your advertisement to be lost in a mass of news and advertising on the usual pages of the newspaper, you have the freedom to choose one of the weekly special supplements like HT Shine by the Hindustan Times every Tuesday, Hindu Empower by The Hindu (also on Tuesdays) and Times Ascent by The Times of India (every Wednesday) among several others.

Clearly, the choices are not just varied, they can be most confusing. To clarify the scene and pinpoint your selection, you can get instant access to the best selections with assistance from one of India’s leading online advertising engines.

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