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Maharashtra Times has Classified Ads for Diverse Categories


Maharashtra Times is a Mumbai-based broadsheet Marathi language daily newspaper that is the ninth-largest-selling newspaper in India. Owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. or The Times Group, the country’s largest media house, it is the only newspaper in Mumbai which has more than one million readers in the city, with the city’s largest readership after The Times of India. It is the ideal medium to advertise to Marathi readers because it is published from Mumbai, Pune and Nashik and Aurangabad.


However, because every edition has different rates for different categories of advertisements, it is much simpler and faster to place advertisements in Maharashtra Times newspaper through a single source: Myadvtcorner, the online facility of a full-fledged, INS-accredited advertising agency with a media department dedicated to offering free services to advertisers such as Maharashtra Times newspaper classified ad rates or do newspaper classified ad bookings in Maharashtra Times.


Maharashtra Times newspaper classified advertisements are in diverse categories like:

Maharashtra Times Situation Vacant Ad: When your organisation has vacancies of different kinds, you can place ads in Maharashtra Times detailing the qualifications, skills and experience required from suitable Marathi-speaking candidates to fill those vacancies.

Maharashtra Times Matrimonial Ad: To find a suitable match for your eligible young daughter or son from among Marathi-speaking families, nothing can be better than placing a “Groom Wanted’’ or ‘’Bride Wanted’’ ad in Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Education Ad: Whether your institution provides preschool, middle-school, high-school, college, university or higher education, when you need to inform Marathi people of your facilities, place an ad with Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Travel Ad: If you are in the business of helping people move around on business, holiday or any other and a Marathi audience is just what you need, advertise in Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Business Ad: When you are in any kind of business which needs a Marathi clientele, then this is the ideal medium and you can place an ad to attract them through Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Property Ad: Sell, buy, rent or lease your property or do any kind of real estate transaction in Marathi-speaking areas with ease by placing property ads in Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Announcement Ad: Public notices, tenders, lost and found, change of name, divorce notices, and any such ad which has relevance to Marathi people can be best advertised in Maharashtra Times.

Maharashtra Times Vehicle Ad: Whether the vehicle is new or old, has two, three or four wheels and an engine, it can be advertised for sale to Marathi buyers through Maharashtra Times.

From all over India, you can reach the Marathi-speaking people of western India quickly and easily though the single online facility to advertise in Maharashtra Times.

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