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People change their names for different reasons. Women change their surnames after marriage; many add their spouse’s surname to their maiden name, there are others who rechristen selves thereby attaining a new identity altogether, etc. Reasons might vary, but the significance of announcing such changes remains the same for all. It is essential for everyone who changes her/his name to inform people about their move as per the law. Individuals can make such information public by publishing in a printed journal viz. newspapers, etc. Without a valid newspaper clipping stating the name change act, no other authority will change the natives name on vital documents viz. passports, PAN Cards, Driving License, etc.

It is highly important to produce the newspaper ad as a proof to the concerned authorities to get the name changed on all the official documents. Plus, there are other formalities as well that one needs to full-fill before getting the name changed legally or else the previous name itself recognizes the person.


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4 Things you should remember while Publishing Lost and Found Ads in Newspaper

Name Change Ads in Newspaper

In the fast moving world of Advertisement, newspaper ads have a strong hold over all media of advertisement.  One can publish newspaper ads for different reasons. You can publish newspaper ads for matrimonial, Lost and Found, property newspaper advertisement etc. In this post, we will discuss 4 important things that you should remember to get positive result from your Lost and Found Ads in Newspaper. Being Human almost everyone lost some important document or a thing once in their life.  The list of those important things you should keep in mind are given below:

  1. Purpose of Publishing Ads
  2. Certificate of Ownership
  3. Attributes of Identification
  4. Your Targeted Audience
  • Purpose of Publishing Ads:

Indeed, people publish newspaper ads for two reasons either for searching your lost item or for announcing publicly as an important news. So you must have to understand the purpose behind your advertisement. If you are publishing it as an information, then try to keep your ad as precise and compact as much as possible to make your ad more economical. In that scenario, it should contain least required information as possible.

The another Scenario is when you are publishing advertisement with the ray of hope that you will get your item back and your ad will fetch some fruitful result.  In the second case, your ad must have to contain all necessary information require to identify your item. Though In both cases, your ad must have to be simple, precise and compact in language and expression of your classified ads.

Lost and Found Ads in Newspaper

  • Certificate of Ownership:

One must have to attach the copy of FIR affidavit for your lost item and you need to attach some documents to verify yourself as authorized owner of that item. If you fail to do so then your advertisement will not be valid. It is one of the most important things you should keep in your mind while publishing lost and Found Newspaper Ad, Property Newspaper advertisement or any kind of newspaper advertisement.

3) Attributes of Identification:

Attributes of identification mentioned in your newspaper advertisement are the most important factor behind the success of your newspaper ads. Imagine a situation where you want to publish Lost and Found Ad for your Black Colour DSLR Camera of the ********** company. If you specify the colour and company of your camera then you have decent chances to generate fruitful rewards from your Newspaper Advertisement, Those chances can be increased significantly if you mention the model details too. It can generate better results for you. Thus, Products attributes are very important while publishing lost and found ads in newspaper.

Property Advertisement Booking

4) Your Targeted Audience:

You should understand your targeted audience for your advertisement; you must have to understand what are the possible places from where you can get targeted audience. Imagine you misplace your important document and you had been to 3 places when you have that document hence your document must be misplaced in that places only. So you must have to understand your targeted audience before publishing any ad.

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Booking a Name Change Advertisement in Newspapers

newspaper classified ad

People may want to change their names for any of many reasons – because of marriage, change of vocation, astronomy, difference between an erroneous school record and present reality or even a whim. Such a change of name can only be formalised through an advertisement for this purpose in a newspaper. Such an ad is actually a public notice ad and is considered sufficient to stand legal tests.

For this purpose, the first step to be taken is to get an affidavit prepared by a notary public or anything similar which can stand up to legal scrutiny. This document or its photocopy must be produced at the time of placing the ad in the selected newspapers.

The second step is to select two newspapers – one in English and the other in Hindi or any vernacular language to avoid in misunderstanding from the spelling of the name. Therefore, for example, a Bengali resident of, say, Ghaziabad can choose the Delhi or even Kolkata editions of The Times of India as well as the Bengali newspaper Anandabazar Patrika in Kolkata to place the ad.

To actually book ad in a newspaper one must take the time and trouble to contact the newspapers concerned, get their rate cards to work out a budget, pay the publication and hand over the material to be published.

Name change ad in Newspaper

Far more easy is to use one’s office computer or home-based laptop to instantly contact the online facility MyAdvtCorner which has a powerful media department constantly in touch with all the newspapers in India in every language.

Proper guidance can received at no extra cost, in which the newspapers can be selected to suit the situation. After that, a simple, low-cost black and white classified ad can be prepared for publication on the basis of per word or line, as per the newspaper’s requirements, subject to a minimum of five lines, with a proportionate extra charge for additional words.

When this process has been accomplished, you can collect the printed copy and sit back comfortably with your wanted identity.

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Why Name Change Ads in Newspaper are important?

Name Change Ads in NewspaperSignificance of advertisements in newspaper can’t be neglected irrespective of all technological changes happen around us. Though after all changes in advertising methods, Newspaper Ads still hold same value as it had in previous time. Newspaper Ads still hold their ubiquitous position in world of advertising and its demand is constantly increasing with same pace. Among all types of newspapers Ads, Name Change Ads in Newspaper are very frequent. Name Change Ads are published when someone change his name. Any Ad related to change of name is known as name change Ads. These kind of Ads are informatory in nature instead of classified and display ads.

Name Change Ads are very common and usually people change their name due to so many reasons, if you want to change your name, you need to follow a particular legal procedure and you can get your new name. This process seems to be little bit hectic and tough but if you are aware of procedure then it is not tough for you. Once you get new name, you can publish your name change Ad in any newspaper of your choice. Publishing Newspaper Ads seems to be hefty and tough process, since every new thing look tough in starting. For easy solution of your problem you can get your ads in newspaper at myadvtcorner in very reasonable prices.

There are so many newspapers where you can publish your newspaper Ads. While selecting Newspaper for advertisement please ensure about its reach among people whom you know and you interact. If you live in Delhi and you publish your ad in Mumbai then it is not of use hence choosing of Newspaper and Language for your advertisement is very important key factor in field of advertising.

Name change ad in NewspaperIndeed users publish name change Ads when they changed their name for some particular reason and once they get legal approval of name change, they publish Name Change Ads in newspaper of their choices. There are so many benefits and advantages of publishing name change Ads as you formally announced about change of your name among your acquaintances and in eyes of government and law.

There are so many newspapers where you can publish your ads as discussed above and if you are getting ads in newspaper at myadvtcorner then you don’t need to worry about prices and cost. You can get maximum reach and best Advertisement in newspaper through them.

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