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When you meet with the tragic event of life wherein any of your loved one departs from this world, you find it extremely inconvenient and emotionally challenging to inform the sad news to all. To make your task easier, we have come up with online ad booking services so that you can put your ad request with just a finger click from the comfort of your home. We save your marathon to a nearby newspaper office and provide you a user-friendly platform to make all your ad reservations.


We have a variety of newspapers in our catalogue. Therefore you can select the one that best full-fills your requirements. There are national as well as regional newspapers that have wider circulation and a large reader base. Vernaculars are also not far behind when it comes to circulation and the audience strength. Local newspapers offer a greater reader response than the national dailies when it comes to informing only a section of people localized from an area. Hence you can choose your news chronicle as per your needs, for instance, if you have relatives and friends spread across the country, selecting a national newspaper will be the best idea to announce the death of a loved one. Consequently, you can go for Hindustan Times, Times of India Obituary Advertisement, etc. to inform everyone with a single news post instead of making individual calls and informing.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Times of India Obituary Ad

Our channel offers competitive prices that will suit your pocket. Additionally, our customer representatives will guide you about various alternatives to make your bookings value-adding. If you place your ad in more than one zones, you get a discount on the overall package. Also, if you go for multiple postings or publishing of your ad, again you get a rebate on the price. Further, certain days will cost you less if you choose to publish your ad on those days. Weekend ad posts usually cost more than the ones published on any other day of the week.

You will get all the relevant information on our website regarding the newspaper Ad Booking, packages, prices, cancellation policies, etc. However, if still doubt crops up in your mind, you can call our customer relationship experts at the following number: 9810904604

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People change their names for different reasons. Women change their surnames after marriage; many add their spouse’s surname to their maiden name, there are others who rechristen selves thereby attaining a new identity altogether, etc. Reasons might vary, but the significance of announcing such changes remains the same for all. It is essential for everyone who changes her/his name to inform people about their move as per the law. Individuals can make such information public by publishing in a printed journal viz. newspapers, etc. Without a valid newspaper clipping stating the name change act, no other authority will change the natives name on vital documents viz. passports, PAN Cards, Driving License, etc.

It is highly important to produce the newspaper ad as a proof to the concerned authorities to get the name changed on all the official documents. Plus, there are other formalities as well that one needs to full-fill before getting the name changed legally or else the previous name itself recognizes the person.


Now that you have realized the importance of a name change advertisement in newspaper without any further delay, you can publish your ad post stating the name change act. You can take help of Myadvtcorner in this regard. It is one of the renowned names in the world of newspaper classified ad bookings. The service provider is an online portal that provides an accessible 24 X 7 ad booking facility. Thus, you can book classified ad in newspaper at any time and from anywhere.

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5 Things you must remember while Publishing Remembrance Ads in Newspaper

Remembrance Ads

The ads that are published in the newspaper in fond memory of someone whom you love, respect is known as Remembrance Ads. This kind of Ads is also published for Death, Chautha, Seventh Day Mass, Death Acknowledgement, Bhog Ceremony etc. This kind of Ads is usually published to inform the society. Though some people might think that there is no need to publish these ads. Here in this Article we will discuss 5 things you must remember while Publishing Remembrance Ads and they are as follow:

Memorizing Your Loved Ones:

Some people may leave you and this world, but their memories with you are still clear like crystal, The bond you shared with them will remain unbreakable for centuries. To show your love, Gratitude, and feelings on national Platform, Remembrance ads in the newspaper at myadvtcorner are something that can help you very well, though you are not able to reach newspapers directly. You can contact Newspaper ads booking online agencies where you can book your ads online

For Purpose of Information:

In Indian Society we do not follow the culture of sending invitation cards for this kind of ceremonies, Thus for the purpose of information remembrance Ads are very useful. It helps in informing your acquaintances about the ceremony and also worked as messages on your behalf. Thus, the Ad you are publishing in the newspaper should informatory in nature.

Times of India Obituary Ads

Audience of Newspaper:

When you publish Advertisements for the purpose of Information then you must have to understand the targeted audience if your acquaintance whom you want to inform are based locally then your ad should be published in the local newspaper instead of National Newspaper. If you belong to any particular area or region then try to publish an ad in that particular regional language rather than selecting any national newspaper and language.

Ads Space:

Ads space is space assigned to your ads depends upon the money they are charging for your newspaper Ads. There are various types of Ads space available while publishing Newspaper ads. Such spaces are Full Pages Ad Space, Half Page Ad Space, Small Column Remembrance Ad etc.

Cost of Advertising:

When it comes about anything related to your beloved ones money is something that never bothers you neither it matters you though you cannot neglect the fact that you should concern about the money you are spending on newspaper thus always select the newspaper with least and reasonable charges for your newspaper remembrance Ads.

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Chennai’s Top Newspapers for Recruitment Advertising

recruitment ads

When booking recruitment ads in newspapers in Chennai, out of many options, here are the major ones for putting such ads in newspapers:

The Hindu: Headquartered at Chennai, the English daily, The Hindu, with a circulation of 1.39 million and a readership of 2.2 million, has the largest circulation base in south India being the most widely read English daily in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is printed in 17 locations in eight states across India – from Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad,Thiruvananthapuram, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Madurai, Noida, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, Mangaluru, Tiruchirappalli, Hubballi,Mohali, Lucknow, Allahabad and Malappuram.

The New Indian Express: This English-language daily newspaper is published by the Express Publications based in Chennai. It is published from 22 centres in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Odisha. Its net paid circulation is 435,618 copies.

Deccan Chronicle: It is an English-language daily newspaper is published in Hyderabad, by Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited that also has editions published from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala with a total readership of over 10.88 lakhs.

The Times of India: The Audit Bureau of Circulations (India) places this newspaper as the largest selling English-language daily in the world. According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2012, The Times of India is the most widely read English newspaper in India with a readership of 7.643 million ranking it as the top English daily in India by readership. Including Chennai, it has 39 editions all over India. The Times of India newspaper advertisement booking can be done either directly or through the instant online facility of MyAdvtcorner at no extra cost.

recruitment ads in newspapers

The Economic Times: As the world’s second-most widely read English-language business newspaper (after the Wall Street Journal), it has a readership of over 8,00,000 and is simultaneously published from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Chandigarh, and Pune.

Dinakaran: This Tamil daily newspaper is being published from 12 cities in India which are: Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Nagercoil, Pudducherry, Salem, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli and Vellore. As of 2014, the newspaper had a circulation of 1,215,583.

Daily Thanthi: The Dina Thanthi (also known as Daily Thanthi in English) is the largest Tamil daily and the ninth largest daily in India by circulation. Printed in 16 cities across India – namely Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Dindigul, Erode, Madurai, Mumbai,Nagercoil, Pudducherry, Salem, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli, Tirupur and Vellore – it is now in Dubai (UAE). Its Jan-Jun 2015, circulation was 1,679,837.
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Benefits of Selling Property Online

Property Advertisement Booking

There are many ways to sell property – by word of mouth, through brokers, via the internet, even by outdoor media like hoardings and posters. But the most advantageous medium is the newspaper.  Almost every daily newspaper carries property ads. The Times of India carries a free pull-out supplement, Property Times, every Saturday. This is in addition to carrying property ads throughout the week at the same rates.

So, whether you are selling a plot, farmhouse, beach house, industrial facility, go down, factory, multi-storey building, apartment complex, bungalow, flat, even a room for paying guests  or any similar construction, you should place your ads in newspaper. This is because every day newspapers reach readers in all languages all over the country. This helps you to precisely strike your target audience most cost-effectively.

For instance, while living in Gurgaon, if you have suddenly inherited property in Kolkata. You can place your property advertisement in a newspaper in English in The Telegraph and/or Anandabazar Patrika for Bengali readers. But, first, getting the cost of ads in newspapers must be done. This is very tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, it is to your advantage to contact an online facility like MyAdvtcorner for instant response right from the convenience of your office desk top or home laptop computer.

Property ad

With a fully geared media department in support, MyAdvtcorner has access to every newspaper anywhere in India in any language. They can also instantly inform of discounts, rebates or special packages. All these are passed on to the advertiser without any extra charge from the online facility.

To save money your best option would be to go for a simple, black and white, text classified ad. Such ads are charged by the word or line (as per the newspaper’s rules) with additional charges beyond five lines.

Property ads can also be placed at the slightly more costly classified display ad format in which the charges are on a square centimetre basis but the ads can be made more attractive by using colour screens and small visuals.

With a more liberal budget, a property advertisement in a newspaper can be a full colour ad of any size but will be charged at the same square centimetre basis as classified display ads.

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How Matrimonial Ads Change our Life

matrimonial ad times of indiaIn Indian society, marriage is the uttermost institution of life. In the country like India, most of the families firmly believe in the culture of Arrange Marriages. Earlier they search Bride and groom with the help of their relatives, friends, acquaintances etc. though as time changes the approach of people and society also changes and now they follow modern techniques while searching for Bride and groom. These modern methods are mostly Online and Matrimonial Newspaper Ads. It could either consider as the change in mindset or you can also reckon it as the demand of time. In present kaleidoscope most of the bachelor’s want their partners as working, educated, etc. and for all such requirements Newspaper Ads are the most feasible solution.  Among all newspaper ads, Matrimonial Ads holds an important place in our life. The Matrimonial Advertisements published in newspaper prove very useful for the readers as a huge number of readers get proper matches for them.

In a country like India where diversity is in its heart, There are so many newspapers where you can publish your matrimonial ads. India is a country of 25+ languages where 2300+ newspapers publish regularly that have an approximate readership of more than 1 crore. In such populated country search for bride and groom is the very tedious task but online and newspaper Matrimonial Ads can make this task very easy by using their viewership and users. There are many newspapers available in the market where you can publish your advertisement depending upon your needs and requirements. With the increase in competition among newspapers, the cost of Newspaper advertising also reduces to a great extent.

matrimonial ad

There are so many types of advertisements that published regularly in newspapers, it includes Advertisement for the Perfect match, Missing Ads, Obituary Ads, Job notifications etc. Among all those matrimonial ads are very important as they do the toughest work of matchmaking. For the happy life after marriage, you must need to find a perfect match with proper compatibility between you. Newspaper advertisements are very effective in providing such match for your life.

The easiest way to publish your ad in the newspaper is ads agency that can manage all kind of advertisements in the newspaper at very reasonable price.  The most common newspapers to publish your ads are The Tribune, Hindustan Times, Times of India etc. These newspapers are very common among readers and you can publish your advertisement very easily with the help of any newspaper ad agency. These ad agencies worked as the medium between you and your newspaper advertisement that you want to publish in the newspaper. Due to these agencies price of newspaper advertising is very low. Though there are many media of advertisement available in the present modern world but none of the methods can replace newspaper advertisements due to the lower cost of Newspaper advertising. Noida Based ad agency myadvtcorner are one of the most effective newspaper ad providing the solution if you are looking for the ad agency that can take care of your newspaper ads.

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Booking a Name Change Advertisement in Newspapers

newspaper classified ad

People may want to change their names for any of many reasons – because of marriage, change of vocation, astronomy, difference between an erroneous school record and present reality or even a whim. Such a change of name can only be formalised through an advertisement for this purpose in a newspaper. Such an ad is actually a public notice ad and is considered sufficient to stand legal tests.

For this purpose, the first step to be taken is to get an affidavit prepared by a notary public or anything similar which can stand up to legal scrutiny. This document or its photocopy must be produced at the time of placing the ad in the selected newspapers.

The second step is to select two newspapers – one in English and the other in Hindi or any vernacular language to avoid in misunderstanding from the spelling of the name. Therefore, for example, a Bengali resident of, say, Ghaziabad can choose the Delhi or even Kolkata editions of The Times of India as well as the Bengali newspaper Anandabazar Patrika in Kolkata to place the ad.

To actually book ad in a newspaper one must take the time and trouble to contact the newspapers concerned, get their rate cards to work out a budget, pay the publication and hand over the material to be published.

Name change ad in Newspaper

Far more easy is to use one’s office computer or home-based laptop to instantly contact the online facility MyAdvtCorner which has a powerful media department constantly in touch with all the newspapers in India in every language.

Proper guidance can received at no extra cost, in which the newspapers can be selected to suit the situation. After that, a simple, low-cost black and white classified ad can be prepared for publication on the basis of per word or line, as per the newspaper’s requirements, subject to a minimum of five lines, with a proportionate extra charge for additional words.

When this process has been accomplished, you can collect the printed copy and sit back comfortably with your wanted identity.

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