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Obituary posts are meant to announce the sad demise of a loved one. It often becomes painful to announce the death of someone close to each and every individual in the immediate circle. Consequently, people take the help of obituary notices so that they can inform the public at large about the unfortunate incident. Such a move saves them from facing the infinite agony and grief while informing everyone personally. Such adverts provide a bit solace to the survivors and the immediate family of the deceased as they can spread the sad information with just one post.


Though there are a lot of websites that have come up these days to inform about the death of a loved one, but people still prefer newspapers for such messages. The printed ad in news broadsheets is the conventional method by which death notices are circulated. Previously, people use to publish such adverts in a national daily that had PAN India circulation as well as in a regional paper that had local reach. Such a step is wise as the local people or relatives will get to know about the death via local newspaper, as it is very likely that they might miss such messages in a national daily. Also, people usually prefer a local newspaper or a vernacular to know about the local news about their area. Hence, it is advisable to publish such adverts in a regional paper as well.



If we talk about a national daily, Hindustan Times is one of the best papers that you can consider for a wider reach as it has a broad reader base across the country. Hindustan Times Obituary Classified Advertisement is the best method to tell people in your circle that a loved one has passed away in recent times. All of them will connect with you during heart-rending times and will pour in their sympathies.

Hindustan Times Obituary Classified Ads

So, reduce your pain by placing Obituary Ad in Newspaper HT and commemorate the departed soul. Tell the world about the one who has said adieu to this world forever!

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Let Us help you in your Sad Times


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As far as obituary ads are concerned, the category is quite popular and many people post ads to inform their near and dear ones about a sad demise of a friend or a relative. Almost every newspaper provides a column for such notices that are published on an urgent basis; a couple of days after the death of a person. Also, the format of such ads is almost the same i.e. they follow a standard format. There is a photograph of the deceased along with the survivor details, date of death, place of death, date, place and venue of the last rites and other related ceremonies.



We provide an instant online ad booking platform where you can select the category of your choice for instance Obituary in this case. Further, choose the paper for your ad and the edition and make the payment. Your booking gets confirmed once you pay for your ad. You can make Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Times of India Obituary Ad Booking Online, etc. with just a finger click.

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Publish Obituary Ads In Hindustan Times Via Myadvtcorner

The manner in which the sun sets and many a times the brightest of stars in the sky disappear, in a similar fashion many people leave this world for some better place that provides them solace. To pay tributes to the departed soul, the survivors left behind place obituary advertisements in newspaper. Such ads are meant to inform the others about the sad demise of a loved one and therefore comprise of the details of the deceased viz. Photograph, date of birth, date of death, survivor details, venue, date and place of last rites, etc.

Hindustan Times is one newspaper that is always in demand amongst the readers. It is a prestigious news broadsheet that was started in the year 1924 during the period of Indian Independence. Since then the paper has never seen a downfall in its reader base. On the contrary, its following has increased year by year. Even in this internet age people read this newspaper that keeps them abreast of the daily happenings not just in the country but around the world as well.

Consequently, this news supplement sees a heavy influx of ad requests on a regular basis. People seek ad space in this coveted paper for all types of ad requirements. Obituary ads in Hindustan Times are the most common types of ad posts that one can place in this news chronicle.

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The most painful of all the ads is an Obituary post through which we inform others about the sad demise of a loved one. It is even more painful to go through the formalities with a newspaper to get your ad published during such traumatic times.

Obituary ads in newspaper are official paid announcements that provide the following details of the deceased person

  • Date of death,
  • Place of death,
  • Reason of death,
  • Details of last rites ceremonies etc.
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth

Although a large proportion of marketing and promotion is taken over by online media nowadays. But, the craze for a printed supplement has still not declined in this tech savvy age. And thus funeral and death ads in newspapers are still prevalent. Many journals thus publish such ads under a special column of obituaries. The popular papers have an entire page dedicated to such postings.


Though, there are many printed spreadsheets where you can post your ad. But, there is one newspaper that will spread your information in far flung areas as well. It is none other than Hindustan Times. If you have relatives spread across the country, choose the appropriate editions of this popular daily for your ad post.

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Follow these simple steps to book an obituary ad in Hindustan Times:

  • Register yourself on the website.
  • Click on ‘book newspaper ad’ option.
  • Now select the category for instance Obituary in this case.
  • Further, select the type of ad i.e. Classified display ad or display ad
  • Also, select the newspaper where you wish to post your ad. Example Hindustan Times
  • Moving forward, select the edition and click on ‘Book Now’ option and make the payment.

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How to Book an Obituary Ad in the Hindu Newspaper

hindu newspaper

The finite nature and fragility of human life is often overlooked. Awareness of the corporeal existence dawns on us when someone close to us passes away. Such a sad event invariably overwhelms us with emotions and we are comforted by being surrounded by having loved ones around to bring us comfort. That is where such gatherings as memorial services are a great consolation to those who have been left behind.

obituary advertisement

To make such gatherings possible, newspaper obituary advertisements are released in newspapers to, firstly, inform various people of the demise of the dearly departed and, secondly, the time and place where a condolence meeting will be held for the benefit of the near and dear ones of the person concerned. Besides English, it is possible to put such newspaper ads in Hindi and other vernacular languages in national, regional and local newspapers.

newspaper classifieds

While it is most economical for such public death notices to appear in the classified section of a newspaper, they can also be published in classified display and display formats. Plain text classified ads are charged by the word or line subject to a minimum of five lines, with proportionately more for any excess. The other two kinds of ads are charged by the square centimeter. Classified display ads can be made more attractive through color screens, small visuals and other such enhancements. Display ads, on the other hand, have no restrictions on color and size – even a full-page in all four colors is acceptable.

Ads in Newspaper

Obituaries generally carry the deceased’s picture and a small write-up on the person in addition to certain relevant dates and the names of those in grief. It normally also provides the time and place for any kind of memorial service to be held in this regard.

Since its inception in 1878 as a weekly – which later became a daily – The Hindu has become a newspaper of sterling reputation by setting high journalistic standards, for which it gained several plaudits. Today, The Hindu is the third most-read English newspaper in India, boasting of the largest circulation base in South India among all English dailies – especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Besides its home base of Chennai, it even reaches metropolitan Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and smaller cities like Coimbatore, Vuzag, Magaluru, Kochi and even Noida.

The Hindu’s classified section ranks among the most sought-after classified sections of any Indian newspaper. These classifieds of The Hindu contain the whole gamut of public notices, tenders, matrimonials and much more. A critical element pertains to obituaries and remembrances.

However, if you have difficulty with all the other matters to be dealt with when there is a death in the house; you can depend on MyAdvtcorner the online facility with a media section that reaches every newspaper regardless of language. It will do the needful instantly at no extra cost.

How Newspaper Advertising Prices Work out to be the Lowest

newspaper ads in times of indiaIn the various media available for advertising – press (newspapers and magazines), electronic (radio, television or internet) or outdoor (hoardings, banners, wall-paintings) – newspapers stand out for their many advantages. For one thing, wherever you are in India, you can reach any local, regional or national newspaper in any language anywhere in the country on almost any day. Therefore, this medium can adjust costing to suit budgets whether high or low though tailor-made solutions.

Thus, when you book ads in newspapers, you can pin-point which audience in specific geographic and linguistic conditions you wish to target. This is not possible with any of the other mediums listed above with the same high level of impact and low level of cost. That is mainly because most newspapers are meant for people of specific locations and specific languages in order to sell more copies. This is what gives you the reach you need.

For instance, if you are a Malayali living in Delhi who has had a death in the family, you can book obituary ad in Malyala Manorama in Kottayam, Kerala, to convey the news to friends, relatives and well-wishers of that state. Through newspapers, you can write a one-time obituary through which you will share your sentiments with those distant people. No other medium can offer you this advantage at an even remotely competitive cost. That’s one reason why newspapers ads work out to be the cheapest.

obituary ads in newspaperIn newspapers, depending on your budget, you normally get three options for the kind of ad you can publish. One is the black and white text-based classified ad which is the cheapest because it is charged by word or line and subject to a minimum of five lines with additional charges for additional words. Such ads are good for simple, formal announcements like lost and found and change of name public notices.

The second option is classified display ads which also appear in the classified columns of newspapers but are made more attractive by such devices as colour screens and small visuals. The third option is the display ad for which is there are no restrictions of space and colour and are ideal for forcefully projecting the product or service being advertised. Both these kinds of ads – classified display and display – are charged on the basis of square columns consumed.

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