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Booking a Name Change Advertisement in Newspapers

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People may want to change their names for any of many reasons – because of marriage, change of vocation, astronomy, difference between an erroneous school record and present reality or even a whim. Such a change of name can only be formalised through an advertisement for this purpose in a newspaper. Such an ad is actually a public notice ad and is considered sufficient to stand legal tests.

For this purpose, the first step to be taken is to get an affidavit prepared by a notary public or anything similar which can stand up to legal scrutiny. This document or its photocopy must be produced at the time of placing the ad in the selected newspapers.

The second step is to select two newspapers – one in English and the other in Hindi or any vernacular language to avoid in misunderstanding from the spelling of the name. Therefore, for example, a Bengali resident of, say, Ghaziabad can choose the Delhi or even Kolkata editions of The Times of India as well as the Bengali newspaper Anandabazar Patrika in Kolkata to place the ad.

To actually book ad in a newspaper one must take the time and trouble to contact the newspapers concerned, get their rate cards to work out a budget, pay the publication and hand over the material to be published.

Name change ad in Newspaper

Far more easy is to use one’s office computer or home-based laptop to instantly contact the online facility MyAdvtCorner which has a powerful media department constantly in touch with all the newspapers in India in every language.

Proper guidance can received at no extra cost, in which the newspapers can be selected to suit the situation. After that, a simple, low-cost black and white classified ad can be prepared for publication on the basis of per word or line, as per the newspaper’s requirements, subject to a minimum of five lines, with a proportionate extra charge for additional words.

When this process has been accomplished, you can collect the printed copy and sit back comfortably with your wanted identity.

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