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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you proceed to publish a newspaper ad? Obviously, it is the cost of a classified ad that compels you to browse through the rate cards. Since newspaper ads are of varied types, sizes and formats, thus the price differs remarkably from one post to the other.


Some of the main factors that decide the price of a newspaper ad are as follows:

• Circulation of the paper – It is pretty obvious that the higher the circulation of any news journal, the more you will have to pay for the ad space. If a news broadsheet has a wider reach, it is more likely to have a diverse reader base as well. Thus, such papers charge more than the others.

• The Frequency of the ad – If you run your ad multiple times, it will cost you less because as the frequency of ad run increases, the publisher reduces the price for such ad requests. For example, if you post a Classified ad in the Indian Express for a couple of times, it will cost you less.


• Size, Colour, and Font of the ad – Majorly, there are three kinds of ads viz. Classified Text Ads, Display classified ads and Display ads. The font, colour and text size varies in all the three. Plus, the bigger the ad with rich font and colour, the costlier it will be. Thus, Display ads are costliest of the three, and classified text ads have the least price.


• Section of the paper and Day of the week– If you plan to publish your ad on Sunday then expect to pay more for such ads. Plus, different sections or categories of ads differ in rates. For instance, the cost for a Public Notice Ad in Times of India Newspaper will be different from the Matrimonial post in the same Chronicle.

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