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Amar Ujala Name Change Ads

Getting name change has become a really easy task these days. You do not have to run here and there to get rechristened. Though, there are many steps involved in this process but if you proceed in a systematic manner, you will not find it difficult to get on a new identity. Whether you are a student who wants to change your name on your passing certificates and mark sheets or a lady who has recently got hitched and want to add your husband’s surname to your name the name change process is a streamlined one for all who wish to make modifications to their current name or change it completely!

One of the most integral and vital steps in this process is to publish a newspaper advert for the same. It is a mandatory step that you just cannot skip and move forward as you will be required to produce the newspaper clipping at various stages as a proof of the name change act.


It is a question that crops up in the minds of many while they head towards changing their original name. Though, you can get assistance from the client relationship executive of the newspaper company who will guide you in this regard but you can read the following information to understand better as to what will be required from your end. So, talking about newspaper name change advert; you will be required to provide the following details i.e. your current or original name, your current residential address, new name that you wish to take on, reason to change the name, etc.

Now, you might think as to which news journal is the best for publishing a name change ad in newspaper. It is always better to publish such ad posts in at least two newspapers i.e. one a national daily and the second a regional or local paper or a vernacular. If you want to publish name change ad in a Hindi paper then Amar Ujala will be one of the best options. It is national daily published in national language i.e. Hindi and has 19 different editions that are circulated in several states of the country. The paper will be helpful in spreading your message of changing your name to the people living in far-flung areas as well.

To publish Amar Ujala Name Change Advertisement, either directly connect with the newspaper or get in touch with a newspaper classified ad agency. The first method will cost you more as owing to the popularity of the paper the ad space of this news broadsheet is costly. However, if you approach the national daily via mediating agency the price you will pay for advert will be much lesser when compared with the former.

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