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Obituary posts are meant to announce the sad demise of a loved one. It often becomes painful to announce the death of someone close to each and every individual in the immediate circle. Consequently, people take the help of obituary notices so that they can inform the public at large about the unfortunate incident. Such a move saves them from facing the infinite agony and grief while informing everyone personally. Such adverts provide a bit solace to the survivors and the immediate family of the deceased as they can spread the sad information with just one post.


Though there are a lot of websites that have come up these days to inform about the death of a loved one, but people still prefer newspapers for such messages. The printed ad in news broadsheets is the conventional method by which death notices are circulated. Previously, people use to publish such adverts in a national daily that had PAN India circulation as well as in a regional paper that had local reach. Such a step is wise as the local people or relatives will get to know about the death via local newspaper, as it is very likely that they might miss such messages in a national daily. Also, people usually prefer a local newspaper or a vernacular to know about the local news about their area. Hence, it is advisable to publish such adverts in a regional paper as well.



If we talk about a national daily, Hindustan Times is one of the best papers that you can consider for a wider reach as it has a broad reader base across the country. Hindustan Times Obituary Classified Advertisement is the best method to tell people in your circle that a loved one has passed away in recent times. All of them will connect with you during heart-rending times and will pour in their sympathies.

Hindustan Times Obituary Classified Ads

So, reduce your pain by placing Obituary Ad in Newspaper HT and commemorate the departed soul. Tell the world about the one who has said adieu to this world forever!

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