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The Times of India Property Classified Ads will help you choose the best property


Property advert in newspapers are the most common type of notices. They are published by both property seekers as well as sellers. It is a great platform for buyers and sellers to connect with each other. One can mention in detail about their property that they want to dispose off and get the best offers from buyers. Such a great response is possible only by newspaper ad posts that take your message to a large population pool as there are a lot of people who read newspapers.

Despite the arrival of internet technology there are many people who browse through the columns of newspapers to get their daily dose of news. It is particularly the case in the tier two and three cities where a large section of the population heavily relies on newspapers. Consequently, people prefer newspaper advertising over any other mode of advertising. Property ad in newspaper is thus quite fruitful in such areas.

One of the renowned newspapers is The Times of India that is read by people all across the country. Hence, it is one of the popular national dailies that offer good response for all adverts. The Times of India Property classified ads are best way to spread your notice to a large population. Hence, you will have more choices as you will get amazing response.


To make your bookings you do not have to run here and there. Just pull a chair, sit comfortably and hop on the website! Everything can be taken care of with just a few finger clicks! You can make your advert reservations online and make your payments over a secured payment gateway via Net Banking, Credit or Debit card, etc. It is one of the convenient as well as fastest ways of ad bookings. You can choose the advert package that suits your budget or else get in touch with the customer care team and get a tailored or customized ad package as per your requirement.

The property ad posts usually contain all the information about the property whether residential or commercial. They give every possible detail viz. the area per square feet, location, basic amenities, infrastructure, etc. as well as some people also provide the photograph of the property that is in question. Hence, we can consider such posts quite exhaustive and informative.

If you are also looking forward to publish such notices then check the format online (i.e. refer the online ad samples that are available) or take the help of customer relationship team of the web service provider.

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Your Property Search Now Comes to an end; Book Your Dream Home Today via Times of India Ad

Times of India Property Classified Ads

Are you thinking of buying a house? Is it that you often find difficult to search for a suitable property as per your requirement? Have you tried everything and still remained unsuccessful in this regard? If yes is your answer then try newspaper ads this time! An advert in a printed journal is quite successful in creating the desired reader response because such ad postings are read by all the people across generations. People who are less tech-savvy find it easier to browse through a printed news supplement rather than spending time on the internet for various searches. Another important reason that makes newspapers stand tall in the world of advertising is that they have a deeper penetration and thus reach a wider audience.

Property Advertisement Booking

The Times of India property classified ads give you a great way to reach the right property in your locality or nearby areas. The news chronicle is a leading English national daily that reaches every corner of the country and is loved by one and all. The newspaper offers ad space under various categories viz. Matrimonial, Lost and Found, Astrology, Property, etc. Apart from the aforesaid categories, it comes with an exclusive property supplement that gives all the necessary details about the flats, villas, circle rates, etc. of a particular area. Also, there are lot of write-ups drawing comparison of various properties from different areas.

Times-PropertyUsually, advertisement in Times of India is a costly affair. If you will approach the national daily directly, it will cost you more as the ad space is costly. It is due to the fact that the news broadsheet is popular and a lot of people advertise via the column of this paper. Unlike online ads where the reader response gets diluted amongst the pool of many adverts under the same category, newspaper ads get better results as they are able to reach the target audience easily. They work well even in the niche segment of ads.

Hence, to find a suitable property it is always advisable to publish a printed ad instead of getting lost in the online ads.